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Guate Guate!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


I had a little bit of time so I thought I would update my blog =)

As you can see here, it may be me. It may be ME, taking a selfie. It may be me, taking a GROUP SELFIE! I haven’t done this yet and I’ve held out. I held out for the perfect opportunity and it was today.


Dec. 4th I landed in Guatemala. I was invited by my childhood friend Dennis Le. He has been telling me about his students and his life in Guate and I told him when I had the chance I would fly in. I remember talking to him after he just completed his teaching degree and he told me about this great opportunity to go abroad. With my experience traveling and knowing him very well, I quickly replied “Do it!, if anything, you can always come back.” Well, he did it and 3 years later we are here.

D.Le has brought me up to his students a few times and talked about Drift Line as well as drifting. He has always been a huge supporter and we have been keeping communication through out the years. I told him I would love to meet his kids or even speak to them sometime if there was ever a chance. I always envisioned myself when I was older to be able to mentor, guide or speak to the youth about Life and Passion. Today I got the opportunity to not only speak to the students and my passion in which I turned into a business but also got to take the best group selfie ever!


Guatemala is a very beautiful place. One of the biggest reason why I chose to come down here was not only to see the country but to see the students. To get that feeling of being in front of them, speaking to them or just around the school to see if this may be my path further on in life. It was great to come down to see my friends and how they live in a different country in their profession but I feel as in life you should always do your best to help society. Make your mark, place your investment in our youth. I got a little taste today and it was a good feeling. The faces, the characters that you get to interact with every day is amazing.

Also having the potential or the power to inspire is magical… 

Always try to teach someone to fish, it is always better in the long run. I believe that is what teachers do. They are fisherman trainers =)


Jack tastings in old spaces

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014


 Last month we held a nice Jack Daniels single barrel tasting over at a private location. The outcome was magical.

Thanks to Lowry Hill liquor for supplying their own batch of single barrel. The space fit the spirits nicely. We also had a new ice cream brand on hand to pass out some delicious treats.

Cranky’s Ice cream, a new Minneapolis ice cream label brought out their special flavor, “whiskey sour” for all of us to try. If you want to join us for some amazing events in the city please keep in touch and soon we will be together =)


ART. Inspiration. DREAM.

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

They say a blank page is the hardest way to start…





a Whole lotta Bowties.

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013


Beauties&Bowties – November 16th – The Belmore – Mpls. 

With the new team, new idea and a new year, Beauties & Bowties went off with out a hitch! We had great attendance from many magnificent people around the city. It was an idea I had to introduce this year and people loved it!

Especially the ladies, who doesn’t like a well dress man?

DL is happy to announce that this will be an annual affair! We are are also looking for sponsors so if you would like to join our fashion give away bonanza to spread awareness of your brand please contact us today!

Special thanks to Atmosfere mens boutique in Uptown and Jared Zachary from Freedom of Doubt for participating this year and giving away some great goods.

Please stay in touch and stay tune, next year will be bigger, badder and who knows, maybe the Guinness world records will be in town =) 











DJ Advance x 3 Way Entertainment
Jared Zachary – Freedom from Doubt

Also big team thank you to:

Ben Currie – Illustration/Poster
Clinton Travis – Photography
Joel Moorehouse – Videographer 

Email contact x

Sneaker Freaker

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


 Twin Cities Sneaker Art Xchange – Caboose – Minneapolis, MN 

Thanks to Studiiyo23 for putting on yet again another great sneaker show for the city. We are still growing around  here and its nice to be at the ground floor where you know everyone and we can all grow together.

DL was apart of this event for support and to showcase our versatility. We do it all. Thanks to those that came out and check out the dope people that stopped by!


Big ups to Bdot Croc, one of the dopest female MC’s in the city as well as one of the Dopest Female MC’s I have ever heard in person. Put ya money up.


Your local fashion blogger/dancer/dope girl fresh was in the house, Ms. Kasidy Moore from the stopped through to pick up her “Fresher than a mother…..” Tee.


 Fire Flame. DJ Enferno on the ones and twos had to stop down to get fitted up. Rocking that all over print DL “crown royale” bandanna that was a hit at the show, especially rocking it ninja style!


DL x Gatsby x 2014

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


Over at DL we are planning something for the new year and I think it has to stick around this theme.

Even before Gatsby I would dream about getting dressed up and heading to a party in this era. It is only right to bring it back and give everyone an excuse to pull out their flapper dresses again after Halloween for a fun night out with us =) 

Stay tune. February 2014.

Champagne dreams. 

Crystal Ball NYE Bash!

Sunday, November 24th, 2013


12.31.13 – Mpls – International Market Square

This year we were invited by Dan Vargas and the Lead group to join in hosting the biggest NYE bash in town!

With great respect we accepted and are looking forward to make some amazing memories for their 10 yr anniversary, everyone and there mama will be there! Trust me.

For a short time we are offering our Friends/Family a discounted ticket price:

Use the code “friend” for –

$10 off GA $15 off VIP Good till November 30th only! And please use this image if you want to help support and promote this special event, thanks! Hope to see you there and toast with us to a successful future! Cheers! x


The event of the year!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013


11.16.2013 | Beauties&Bowties | The Belmore |


Join us for a night filled with beautiful women and well-dressed men. What more can you ask for but a glass of your finest drink to fully accentuate the experience…


On Saturday, November 16thDL brings you an event which focuses on the elegance of women and the panache of a man. We ask you to express yourself through fashion. 


Ladies slip into your best pair of heels and put on your show-stopping dress. If it happens to beRED, perfect! Fellas, nothing says class or makes a statement more than a bowtie. Here is your chance to show off your inner gentleman by arriving in a bowtie that fits your style.

When:             Saturday, November 16th at The Belmore

Where:            25 North 4th street, Minneapolis, MN 55401

(Next to the old OM Restaurant, across the street from the old Club NV)

Time:              10pm-2am

Cost:               $10 in advance/ $15 at door

Attire:             Beauties preferably in Red/Gents preferably in Bowtie (neither are necessary)

VIP:                Tables are available but act quickly, limited only to 5 available
(Contact us today for great prices – 


There will be a late night food menu. Those of you that are showing up in RED may receive gifts and special attention =) 

Come dressed more than just to impress. Lounge, dance, party the night away like you have never done before! We will have prizes, giveaways and yes, BALLOONS

The Fresh Factor

Sunday, November 10th, 2013


I was very humbled and super lucky to be featured in! To be recognized and be the first guy interviewed was awesome, I had a good time and great photos were taken, please click below to read the full spread =)

w w w . T h e D L b r a n d . c o m

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Beauties and Bowties from Joel Morehouse on Vimeo.