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Welcome to the world of Drift Line!

Monday, January 28th, 2008


Hello boys and girls, thank you for visiting us! I decided to start a blog because we have been doing many projects and this is a good place for me to just blurt out comments and pics when ever I feel like it! Just to keep you guys inform and updated on what’s going on around here…

We started out the 2008 season with a trip to Chicago land for Club FR’s Formal. This year was the first year I wanted a piece of the action so Drift Line decided to throw the first ever “Formal Pre-party” at Buzz Nightclub. The turn out was awesome, we had great support from the Chi and I now consider it my second home…so once again thank you CHICAGO! The formal went well as usual, thanks to my wonderful buddies at Club FR for putting on these great events to bring our Midwest drift community together. TMF Opposition also took the best team award once again. This is the second straight year and… 2008 here we come!

Sorry for the long first post but stay tuned, keep up and check out what the company has planned for the future…drift events, parties, fashion shows, photo shoots and anything I can get my hands on =)