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1st drift event of OUR season…

Monday, April 28th, 2008


The reason I say “1st drift event of OUR season,” is because everyone in the world seems to be drifting all year round, while us up north take breaks to build cars, drink alcohol, throw mansion parties and fashion shows…

Our season has finally begun at Shawano, WI., Drift Day 20, hosted by Club FR. There were many new faces and different cars that I haven’t seen before. The event went great, it was quiet and not too much explosive stuff happening like usual but still a great start.

All week there has been talk about snow and rain, the date has been pushed back like 3 times, I was thinking to myself, god Simba must be having a hard time with everyone calling, texting, and asking if the event is still going to go down. It did and the podium was filled with some new drivers.


Doug A. in his pirate 240 took 1st, Jordan with his clean white s14 took 2nd and Juan took 3rd after beating Touge Dave in their tandem battle. I missed the competition but my highlight was when I arrived, kicking and pushing down the stretch on my DL “Orange Blaze” skateboard, I noticed a pretty baller s14…

Graced with Maxxis stickers all foily and shiny, I didn’t think nothing of it until i remember my buddy BP (Brian Peter) has gone from a stock body s13 to a kitted out s14. I roll over there to say hello when this guy straps out of his pilot seat, hops out, runs over to his truck full of Maxxis tires, pulls out some Maxxis goodies and says, ” I know its a little corny but…”


He hands me a poster, yeah of him but to me it wasn’t corny at all, I quickly remember the years when we were drifting and we both were pushing our dual cam KA’s, he eventually stepped up into and SR and turned pro, while I stepped into an SR, blew my motor, loss all the little skill that I had and started this company. I guess we parted ways in a positive manner because here he is standing next to me a Pro. He has a big tire company backing him up, showing me his poster with my company logo on it! Thanks for the support!

Great feeling to know that we are both moving ahead in the right direction. You will always have the support from DL. You are the most amazing driver I have ever seen because this kid is not flashy at all, but to see him spin out is like seeing Eva Longoria and Beyounce kiss, it just doesn’t happen….

Learning how to blog…

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


Looky looky who do we have here in the DL “Step ya game up” tee? Its lil Liyah…the cutest lil mama I have ever seen and she is a diva! One of my very very close home girl’s Sherr sent this to me one day, to my sidekick and it made my day =)

The reason for this post…I was talking to one of my good friends Felix the other day and he was telling me about his blog. His sounded more interesting then mine because I cant get off my business oriented mind. When I post a blog it will be about the company, new events, new clothing and stuff like that. I said to him, “Man I need to learn how to blog,” he goes “just have a camera, take pics and blog on a day to day basis.”

Well I guess I stepped out of my world a little bit to post up my fav. lil cutie but then again thinking about it, she does have a DL shirt on …. idiot… oh well, I am learning day to day. I’ve never done a fashion show before but we packed the house, I’ve never done a magazine but guess what, we will be releasing two each yr from now on, I’ve never started a business, look at me now a very busy guy with a world of opportunity and I will maximize that opportunity as much as possible!

Anyway we have our first Drift Day coming up this Sunday April 27th at Shawano, in which we are sponsoring. I am very excited to be able to film our first drift event for this yr for DLTV!


Oh yea, another thing, after having a girlfriend every yr. since I was in kindergarten and then a serious relationship straight out of high school, I have been single for about..umm 2 to 3 yrs. Yea I finally got a lady now and she means the world to me already….I guess its true when they say “When you look for something you cant find it, when your not looking, its right there waiting for you.”

This is me, trying to bust out of my blog-shell, signing off…have a wonderful evening folks.

Also peep out my man Felix’s blog as well…hes a very interesting dude…

Dorimon’s Bomb FC!

Friday, April 18th, 2008


My man Dorimon,

Heres a picture of my good ol’ buddy David H. poopy 7, from his shoot for modified magazine. This FC is the Bomb, literally. Just check out the rear wheel hahah. Its an awesome ride, a well built FC and we cant wait to see it in action.

Thanks for your support in Drift Line and thanks for being the wierd, creative Korean you are =)


(Dorimon rocking the Drift Line “Flying Lion” track jacket)


Photography by Prozak and Tonic

Drift Line Fashion show!

Saturday, April 5th, 2008


Drift Line is having our first fashion show ever! I know its a little silly, may be out of the ordinary but i love fashion and i love throwing events so why not put together the two for a fun filled time to showcase more of the clothing and how its suppose to be worn.

I have no idea what i am getting myself into but you know, you live and you learn and if you don’t do it or take a chance at it, how are you ever going to know how you are going to do? But i do have great friends in great places so with their wonderful help i should be fine.

April 19th at Visage Nightclub, its going to be another sold out event,  just like the mansion party so please come out and show love for DL! With out you guys we are nothing =)