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New York, New York got love for all…

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008


I finally got some pics together so i can post them up but on my trip to New York i stayed in Staten Island, home of the Wu-Tang Clan and where the RZA started the whole thing. Each day i woke up i would take the ferry to Manhattan, pass the lovely lady of liberty.


Manhattan was nice, i had a chance to stop in Chinatown where the hustle is crazy. People here can learn a thing or two. We stopped at one of the best food stands there, box of fried rice was a dollar, box of low mein was a dollar and even a box of chicken wings were a dollar! In this day and age having a great full meal at 3 bucks is hard to come by!


Being in Manhattan there were a lot of nice shops, in SOHO, NYC shopping district i picked up a few things from Armani Echange. Which was like every other one but they had some sick belts that i liked. I drove around Park ave., check out the Empire state building and Times square.


From the glamour and glitz of the crazy New York City life, i was more in tuned to the street life, the hustle, just to get me focus on how hard people out here worked. I wanted something to inspire me as well as put me back at home because i grew up in the hood, the streets myself. My lady is from Brooklyn so i thought it would be nice to swing back to the block and see how she grew up.

Man did it feel good, the pizza, the people the atmosphere just felt like home. I went to Bushwick, i went over to Marcy to check out where one of my idol/role model Jay-Z grew up and before i went home i even went over to Jamaica Queens where my man 50 cent came from. The mural that is in the picture above is from Jamaica. All in all the trip wouldnt of felt like New York with out seeing the burroughs, the subway and the streets…

I am planning to go to NYC every year =)

TMF Opposition Car Club Feature!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008


Speaking of reading magazines, our drifting kru was featured in the June 2008 issue of Performance auto & sound. A pretty neat and interesting article, pick up your copy and enjoy!


Thanks to Performance auto & sound for always keeping an eye on us!


Modified, Maxxis, Brian Peters, Drift Line

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008


I grabbed the new issue of Modified magazine to find the latest Maxxis ad, starring the DA Boys and yes Mr. Brian Peter once again! Good job, keep doing your thing and thanks for sporting the DL “King of Lions” tee while doing the photoshoot!


Straight Hats & Fresh Kicks

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

My first trip to New York! Everything i imagined it to be. One of the greatest cities to be in. From my experience i have one phrase to describe it, “Straight hats and Fresh kicks.” I have never in my life felt so cool rockin my hat straight forward! Im usually the, cock it to the back or straight to the side hip hop, skater type of guy. The shoe game is mad crazy, If you dont have fresh kicks then you aint wit it! Your total attire is not correct with out nice kicks. I met with one of the hottest promoters in New York City known as “the Kong,” he brought us to one of the hottest spots down in Times Square called Spotlight Live. Four floors including a roof top that views over the streets and bright lights and yes a big Sean John billboard with Diddy and his fist in the air..

Anyways this club was one of the sickest clubs that attracts all stars, celeberties and acts. ( I forgot to mention that night, DJ Scribbles was there doing his thing) To make a long story short, at one of the hottest spots in NYC, if your there with a nice fit and you sport fresh sneaks, your in! Over here, ive seen a guy sporting a $3000 outfit and he had fresh kicks on get turned away…

I knew my New York experience would of fell short if i didnt find myself my own pair of fresh kicks. I searched all over and i finally found a pair that i really liked because of the wildness and boldness of the style. A pair of Pro-keds i picked up in Brooklyn, the style is hot and the detail in the packaging is sick!


But even though i found these i wasnt purely satisfied, i had to find some nikes, a fresh pair of nikes is the only thing i needed to be happy enough to go home. My last day in Staten Island (home of the Wu), i woke up early took the ferry over to Manhattan and headed over to the SOHO district. I peeped through every store until i fell upon a shop called Micheal K’s. The lay out of the store was dope, as i weaved all the way to the back to find their shoe section. Everything was mainly what i seen in other shops but then i saw some stairs that led to the basement. It seem to be for employees but something inside me told me to keep exploring.


As i arrived down stairs another room full of shoes, but no nikes. Then as i stepped into the back of the basement i was indulged…a room full of nikes! Dunks, AF-1’s, low tops and high tops! I was there for a very long time, i wanted more then one pair but there was only one pair i was in loved with, after i copped them my trip to NYC was well worthed it!


Do Work Son!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008


Formula D 2008 – Atlanta

My man BP is doing it again! Qualified at 13 and placed 17th overall. If he would of been top 16, there is no doubt in my mind he would of gotten to the next round.
TOP 18 Un-Seeded

1. Rhys Millen – 95.0
2. Hiro Sumida – 93.33
3. Stephan Verdier – 92.33
4. Robbie Nishida – 89.92
5. Tony Brakahopia – 89.92
6. Blake Fuller – 89.08
7. Tyler McQuarrie – 87.25p
8. Siego Yamamoto – 86.67
9. Patrick Mordaunt – 85.17
10. Stephan Papadakis – 85.00
11. Tony Angelo – 85.00
12. Dan Willie – 83.92
13. Brian Peters – 81.33
14. Henry Schelley – 81.33
15. Taka Aono – 80.67
16. Ross Petty – 80.67
17. James Bondurant – 78.33
18. Chris Kregorian – 76.00

The man does work and drives with so much consistency. Keep on the keep on Peter’s and we will be keeping out eye on you. You have come along way and each step you keep getting closer and closer…

With out HER im nothing…

Friday, May 2nd, 2008


Last yr in November i had a choice to upgrade my phone. It was either a pearl or a sidekick. A factor i had in making this decision, i was heading down to Laughlin,Nevada for Formula D pro/am Nationals and i had a very long road trip ahead of me. How much fun can i have with a pearl?

I decided to pick up a sidekick and from then on, it was a match made in heaven. I was on that thing 24/7! Texting, aiming, notes, scheduling, the whole nine. I did live updates on my drift forums ( on who qualified and who won, it was insane.


Well after a party we had, i was pushed into a pool and yes my sidekick was with me, the SK3 was done for. Then i had to make another decision, LX or SLIDE. I chose an LX becuase it had a bigger screen, it was clearer then the slide and i couldnt wait the extra 2 weeks to get a slide!


Basically if you guys didnt know, i owe a lot to my sidekick because i have learn to use her in a way many of you’s guys dont. Important emails, orders, notes, scheduling and certain internet usage has put my whole business operation in the palm of my hand. Many people dont like the side kick because it might be big or its just plain to complicated to use but for me…im like a wizard, i can text you, while i check my email, while aiming an order in, taking down a note from the other day, editing an email address and listen to my teacher lecture about profit maximization,¬†all at the same time!

So when your out at the event or see me walking down the hallway at Normandale and im with my baby, dont hesitate to say hello. She takes up most of my time anyway, any chance i get to seperate my self from her i will, just because its that dam hard!