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Drift Dontyaknow #1

Saturday, June 14th, 2008


For the gathering of Minnesota’s first Drift dontyaknow, local drifters got a chance to drift at a local track for the first time in history! With teammate and MN first pro license driver Ryan Clemans being the head instructor and also teammate Scott Elmgren being the head organizer the event went on as schedule. With a very good turn out, 14 local drivers from s13 to s14, to rx-8 to s2000. (driver cap 15)


Nice and sunny all day, all drivers had from noon to 4pm to test their cars and their skills. Also the next Club/FR Drift Day will be hosted here at Elko speedway July 5th so all drivers had a nice chance to grab some seat time=)

My day….well finally got my car all set up for today and after my first run i had troubles…clutch problems, heating and cooling problems…pretty much missed the whole day until my last run of the day at about 3:55, i went all out and i felt like i had a pretty decent run.


So with only 4 runs in 4 hours, that last run actually kinda made up for all the car problems…but everyone else seem like they had a great time and was doing very well as the day progressed. Until next time….


Drift Dontyaknow #2 – coming soon…!

Saturday, June 14th, 2008


I did my first real professional shoot with Keith from kaizo photo last week. Great location, great shot, great photographer! I am always please when this guy is behind the cam he works miracles! Any way this is the only pic that has been release so enjoy =)


(The best photo of my car ever!)

a lil touch of Diddy…

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


Diddy, no matter what you guys think of him, is a mogul. I like him because he is a hustler and he now has over 5 businesses and he is very successful. I did this party because it was based pretty much off of him. So thanks Diddy, you inspire me….

Our first annual black and white party was a success, with tickets sold out and the line swinging right out the door way and we are in mist of planning for the next one a year from now. Thanks to all the people that came out to help, friends and family and also thanks to everyone that showed up to party!


This was the first time where we had more ladies, more beautiful and pretty ladies then any other event we have had. With the black light going and the white dresses glowing….nothing could be more better.

Thanks to keith from kaizo photo once again for pictures and giving the ladies something to get excited for, i think you have enough pics to black mail most of the people at the party =)

Happy birthday to one of my favorite ladies, Sherry! Sorry for the cake fest..but you started it. Happy bday to Dolla, Kenny, Richard and who ever else bday it was…


Im backkkkkk!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008


Well after taking last year off to run the bizz i am back! Did my first drift demo for Simply Luxury Imports and Minnesota Sport Bikers Club and it went great! The car felt nice and so did I. I wish it wasnt in the rain so i can throw up some smoke but o well, i still have tires left for Drift Day who knows at Elko Speedway July 5th!

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