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My own personal film?

Thursday, July 31st, 2008


My producer came to me one day and showed me a new song that he thought would be a good track to use for my independant drift clip. i liked the song but i really didnt have time to shoot.

 The song came back up a couple days ago and i saw the music video for it, BOOM, inspired me! when things inspire me thats when i move. i saw the vision of the whole film, every beat, every verse, every second and i decided to shoot the whole thing myself!

Not knowing how big of a task this is, especially because i am the driver, i have to get some sort of help. i decided i was going to film the whole video, besides the parts where i would be driving. a very interesting project i took on at a time like this but thats how much determination i have for this piece.

The Film.

I guess i should write a little bit about the clip so you get a little understanding for it. basically this song hypes me up because it represents where im from. kind of like a soundtrack of my life perhaps. i am shooting it as a drift video yes but its NOT a drift video. its more of a documentry,  a passge to my city and to where i grew up. the whole film will be shot in “Minneapolis.” 

There will be nothing shot outside the city limits, all clips of where i grew up and where it all started. it will be very interesting to see how it turns out but with the vision in my head and the desire i have within, i think its gonna be all right….

 So stay tuned, i shot the first segment a couple days ago. its going to be a 4 or 5 day project,  then with the help of Chance i will get it edited and up as soon as possible.

Wait to see it and tell me what you think, i have never shot a day in my life! 

Bats over spiders!

Monday, July 21st, 2008


Waiting for this movie to come out wasnt so bad since i am not into movies that much but the hype was pretty big. it was everywhere around me so it started pulling me in. i have seen the batman before this but it didnt stick too well, i wasnt quite interested. i watched it again and even at that, i didnt see Christian Bale as a very good batman. He is a very good Bruce Wayne but not batman.

Well i had a very extravagent night before the special showing, Kim Loan was in town and i had to bring my car out for display.( its always good to see you and your girls) I went to a couple meetings, went to check out the talent search for 3-6 Mafia,by the end of the night i was ready for the 3am showing of batman!

I was excited to actually see a movie at this time in the morning because it would be cool to see a sick movie and leave the theatre and for it to be bright outside. Usually i would fall asleep during movies but Batman was a very great film. I watched the entire thing! I knew from the start that it had very high potentials of beating spidey. After today numbers have confirmed that Batman has taken down Spiderman!

 (The only reason i am excited about this is because i believe that Spider Man 3 was a very poor movie to hold any sort of record.)


One thing i just want to put out there is that Batman was a very great film but the person that added all the neccesary things to make this movie spectacular was Heath Ledger playing the joker. He played the shit out of this character and is probably one of the best characters i have seen since Scarface!

Dont ever forget the pencil scene!
Rest in piece my friend…you are now a big part of movie history!



Thursday, July 10th, 2008


The way i live my life is a lot different from others. I walk around looking and searching for things to inspire me to keep moving. This is probably why im always smiling, always so positive and always seem to be living life RIGHT… I guess.


I logged on to today to read a couple of blogs he did about being nice to customers and taking the time out to chat and treat people in a very good manner. This brought me back to the memory of last weekend, during the TMFO drift demo we did at Elko Speedway, my guy Felix runs over to me and says, “I got someone who wants to meet you.”

I rush over to see this cute little girl standing there smiling, right next to my car, she says “your a good driver,” at this moment im in awww of how cute she was and how she wasnt at all shy to speak to me. Just the most precious moment in my life when a little 3 yr old girl gives me a big hug and says “Im gonna miss you!”

I told my self at that moment, i can die today and i will be happy forever. I dont know why moments like these touches my heart in a way that money nor any material things can.

Shawn Carter, Nasir Jones, Russel Simmons, Dwayne Carter, Kayne West, why do i look up to these people? These are the people i grew up with, the people i can relate too. Jay is a hustler but a very smart and ambitous person, i would love to be where he is. Nas is very poised and knowledgable. Mr. West has been through it all from almost death to millionaire status.

They have all taught me how to train and educate my mind. “To be #1, i gotta beat big brother.” Why shoot to be at the top when you can BE the top. The way your mind reacts and works is a very brilliant thing if you take the time to think about it.


Donald Trump, Will Smith, Johnny Earle,  Jonas Bevacqua, are other people i turn to for their passion and motivation. Its wierd how i dont believe in the word “Lazy”, i will only do and read things that will either inspire me, motivate me or push me ahead in some way or form.

Who knows where i got this from? I still dont know what i am going to be, all i know is that i dont want to die nameless. I guess i believe life is worth living for, worth living to the fullest. Why sit on the couch, why sleep all day?

My personal qoute “Life is a dream, So live out your dream,” means you can do what ever you want to do and i really believe that.

Its just sometimes people want things and dont get off their ass to go get it. So if you dont understand what im talking about, i guess i just believe i am on another level of thought, if you can relate then one day you will meet me at the top. I will leave with this, a qoute i wrote down from the 9th grade…

“You can be what ever you want to be, when you ready to be it”


Drift Day 22 – Elko Speedway (Mashtown)

Monday, July 7th, 2008


The first drift day ever in MN put together by Club FR was a huge success! All spots were filled with the top drivers from the area as well as beginners and fresh faces from as far as Fargo.


We want to thank the venue and for driftday/clubfr for making a pit stop in our area. I believed we showed enough support for them to come back out next year.



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