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Alicia Whitten tells you to “Step ya game up”

Saturday, August 30th, 2008


Thanks to my man Peter at Strykerfoto for setting this up. I was busy out here hosting my own Drift Line model search so i didnt get a chance to swing through HIN Chicago. For a minute here we been trying to hook up with Ms. Whitten but shes a busy lady……… finally we got the chance!

Check her out sporting the new “step ya mutha fuckin game up” tee.

We will also be working with Alicia when she stops here Sept. 27th for HIN Minneapolis so stay tuned for sexy photos and footage =)


Ladies & gentlemen pick up your shirts today!

They will not last very long….its also a friendly reminder for you to “STEP YA MUTHA FUCKIN GAME UP!”


Sunday, August 17th, 2008


The ugly mugs you see here, are the faces that keep us alive in the drift world as a team! We came out to do one thing, murder the rollercoaster of love….and guess what…we did more then just that!


I competed for the first time after sitting out for about a year and a half. my man goal was to drift all day and to qualify. when top 16 came around i took 13th, Bryce with a y took 11th in “fraggle rock”, black magic took a measly 4th after blowing his power steering line in a race for 3rd and our main man Mr. Clementine took TMF home with the 1st place trophy!


All members that drove qualified and we made it a great day! big ups to bill that took 2nd and that crasy kid with the pirate car took 3rd. it was a great day, a great weekend and it was nice to see some amazing cars out there.


Dougie took out the viper, we saw a suburu wagon, risky devil had there IS300 and the RHD 180. it was an awesome mid season get down!


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Monday, August 11th, 2008


Last year was our first time at the event and oohhh man was it a great show! it was the first time the HIN crew was in MN and we were rookies as well. the turn out was great for the first time so they are returning for 2008. i met many great people in the industry and learned a lot of things.

We are back this year and we are going to make this bigger and badder then last year! With our corner sporting the full drift car section of the show, we made it into Performance auto and sound magazine, the orange beast was invited to sit at the NOS energy booth, our team manager – Felix one the freestyle contest…it was a crazy event that i wont ever forget!


(HIN MPLS 2007)

This year i am planning on using all my weapons of mass destruction to cause MASS DESTRUCTION! We will have the booth, the cars, the girls, the afterparty! my baby is going into the shop after DD23 for a little face lift by JL AUTOBODY. we are gonna have her face planted on all the flyers, shirts, stickers and posters. i think i pretty much want to steal the show and have everyone know who Drift Line is and what car represents us!

If it doesnt happen a young lil boy can dream right?

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