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HIN = Success!

Monday, September 29th, 2008

It feels good to have success after such a bad week. the week before the show, nothing was going right. I’ve been planning for this show for a couple months to make sure i was on top of everything. even after i locked things down…something always seems to come back and to get me…

Oh well, im not the type to give up. the day of the show came, final touches were placed onto the car, as my painter ran in with a freshly painted Supermade wing that i got from my man Van over at One ton garage. the car was looking complete and the doors started to open…


On my drive to the show, the car was giving me problems, had to replace the hub out on the side of the road, then we didn’t get the spot that we wanted for the show after i reserved it a month in advance…it just wasn’t looking good. by the time i dropped off the car i haven’t slept in days…i got in, parked the car and left.

 When i woke up the next morning, the sun was shining, the car was shining and everything felt good. we loaded up got to the show. everything was done and ready to go at about 5pm. thanks to my big sponsors Monkey in a dryer, Andrea and Dallas made it just in time to put the awesome vinyls on the car!




We had an awesome day, the booth always had at least 20 people there, everyone was amazed at the new car (it was very different) our new model Ashliegh Lauren was a hit, we sold almost all of our limiteds and the night went by pretty fast.

All in all, it was great success! i am planning on heading to Nightshift Chicago next year and still working on releasing our DVD.

Thanks for everyone that helped! special thanks to Jenny Chu and Alicia Whitten for hanging with us and supporting us. it was a big team effort and we couldn’t of done it if we didn’t work together!

The new phrase for 2009 if you didnt know yet…

“Orange is the new pink!”

(more pics log on to

Jonas from LRG

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

This guys inspires me. He grew up in Cali, use to be a valet kid just like me and he had dreams of creating a style that would be set to take over the urban clothing industry. after working with his partner that actually knew how to cut and create his thoughts, LRG was formed and after about 5 to 6 yrs it became very profitable.


an adopted Asian American, Jonas has a keen sense of style. making sure that his clothing line is the trend setter and not the style biter. i never knew who he was until the recent sales increase and popularity of LRG. ive always thought the clothing was dope but not my style but since the merge of hip hop, skate, rock, skulls, and everything else, LRG seem to be headed in the fast lane to success.

This year as i stated in the threads before that i attended the 2008 fall Magic show in Vegas. i saw LRG’s booth and it was big and secured tight! i didn’t get a chance to see Jonas in person but i saw a video on you tube that some group did and they interview him. in the video he was wearing this gold Micheal Jackson type of jacket with mad flava to it. when i saw it was i like…”dude i would rock that shit everywhere!”

I was over in dinky town area yesterday for a friends bday and decided to stop over and see mike over at Mind state clothing. they been in the game for about 10 years and has been selling LRG for sometime. i look over behind the counter and mike tells me that the LRG jacket came in and they just picked it up. they only bought one but they only needed one!

My eyes popped open and i had to try it on. (knowing that i cant afford this at the moment)  This jacket weighs a ton! but it was hot and fresh to def! one day, when i follow in his footsteps to be able to produce something like this… o man its gonna be nuts.


but it was a good day. just wanted to show ya’ll some hot shit. party was good. got drunk. sake all night. we ran through about 15 bottles. =)

(search you tube under Jonas from lrg, or lrg magic 2008 to peep vid with the jacket)

The Champ!

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


I talked to Tanner Foust (aka 2007 Formula D drift champ and 2008 soon to be Formula D drift champ) the other day and he sent me a little message stating…

“I wore one of the shirts yesterday to dinner with rhys who commented on the English lion looking pattern”


Thanks to Tanner again for supporting DL clothing and we wish you good luck in fighting for first at this last and final event at Irwindale!

The Legendary Roots crew!

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Wow. so many concerts this year and so many post this month!

anyway, i am a big fan of Heiruspecs, a band my buddy Felix is in and they were doing an outdoor concert on Harriet Island last Saturday. I try not to miss any of their shows because i love em and im a big supporter.

one thing that was awesome about this concert was they were opening up for The Roots! ive never seen them before, i don’t really listen to there music much (maybe because i didn’t understand them when i was young) but i respect them highly and would love to see them live!


well Saturday came and Hspecs went on to do their thing once again. ive been to a couple of there live concerts out in the open but this one felt a little different. it was quite bigger then the rest.

my favorite song – “I know.” why you might ask?


may be because i knew Chris before he left to Miami in search for a better place. that year i was on a road trip and i actually got a chance to meet him out there to break bread and get a little feel/overview of the area. then when he moved back, he did a show at the triple rock and release this song and i just loved it. the song talks about his move to Florida and coming back. it gives me chills. the vocals on the track done by another member Mu-I-D is fyre!


and now for the ROOTS! everyone knows Questlove! the dude just has mad flava and a dope ass aura about him! it was nice to finally see him play!


Roots is a live band with a lead rapper, just like Heiruspecs. its funny while Hspecs were on stage Felix had a line that stated something like “knock off of the roots.” it was funny to see that they were alike and for him to use that line from one of his songs and for them to play right after was nuts!


but the Roots were as legendary as they said they were! the sound was amazing. the performance was spectacular. i got lost in the music a couple times for the long sets and standing outside but if i was bumping this in my room or in the car i would be able to fully enjoy the sound.

i always thought they were from NY but they are a group from Philly and with the guitar, piano, sax, drums and drum sticks on the bongos, the concert was off the chain!

it was great to actually finally see them and hear them and to be able to have that live was crazy!!! big ups to the ROOTS!

for more photos please head over to


White on white

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

I like white. its a nice color. clean and simple. Drift Line releases its new Limited Edition “Family Crest” zip up hoody in white for the fall its not to heavy, very light and just right!


I chose Jordan Connor for this shoot because one, he has a very clean white S14 and two, because he is a very good driver.  Jordan is tied for #1 in the Midwest cup, while taking first place at the first two events of the season.

I thought he would be the perfect candidate! Hes a very ugly dude but his car seems to make up for it…


Thanks Jordan for doing the shoot and good luck on taking the trophy home! We hope you also head out to Virginia to get your Pro license as well…Drift Line supports ya!

(New zip up hoodies will be release  Sat. Sept. 27th at Hot import Nights Mpls, get yours while supplies last)

My favorite rapper, my mentor, my preacher, my music.

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Ive always ask my self why didn’t i go see him when he was in town..why…it might be the last time i will ever see him, i may not even get to see him again. fuck Fuck FUCK!

well the main reason was, i was young. i didn’t have to many resources to reach out and check out concerts. i am a first generation Asian American in my family and black people and black music was considered bad.

Through all the ups and downs in the industry Nas wasn’t given up. even though he doesn’t do numbers like Jay, he continue to make music. when his moms was in the hospital, he stopped for a bit but knew that he had to come back, it was the only way…


He kept working until is newest album that started controversial discussions all over, he had a chance to tour again. i am now 23, this year alone i have been to more concerts then i have been to my whole life. this year was the first time i actually BEEN to a concert and now…finally…. NAS.

The line was long but i got there early. i also waited 3 more hours in front of the stage to get a nice spot. total of about 5 hours of waiting and standing…

but after having my feet ache and pushing and shoving with all these people, he finally came out and did his thing. it was amazing. i felt as it was a little to short but i can now say “I can die happy.” He did all the classics and some of the new stuff.

one thing that was amazing was he did a verse from when he was 16 and it still had the potent ability to kill the masses today! for a kid to be at that skill level at such a young age was serious!


Ive always listen to Nas and always loved what he preached or what he thought of politics and how things were. felt like we were from the same place. the music was not mainstream but real. a knowledgeable brother he was and that made me look up to him.

He loved hip hop for what it was and not what it has become. with him announcing that hip hop is dead, it force a lot of other cats to re-think, re-organize and re-structure the game and think dam…may be it is….

It was a great day, a great night…at the historical 1st ave in MPLS….hip hop is not where it use to be but it is not dead…thanks NAS. your lyrics will be the words that get me to where i want to be.

as a kid i heard you state this once and it seems embedded in my mind for ever. so for those of you that don’t know, i advise you to read and study this quote –

“You can be whatever you want to be, when your READY to be it.”

Do you believe in MAGIC?

Friday, September 19th, 2008

This year i went to the world famous Magic show in Vegas for the first time! For all that are into fashion, clothing or anything in the industry this is the place to be. My goal for this show was to study and learn as much as i can about different labels, the way they present themselves and just the industry itself.

If you didn’t know, this was my first trip to Vegas period and let me tell you… i want to go back every year! its a magical place, it feels like a dream. the most remarkable thing to me were the buildings, sculptures and beautiful hotels. I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe and these certain buildings and sculptures were the closest thing to it.


The shops at Caesar palace were amazing. i was on a business trip so really didn’t get to do much partying like everyone else but i snuck away one night for a lovely night at out Paris hotel, walking the streets indoors, ate at the Eiffel tower viewing the awesome Bellegio water show and then ended it with a nice show at Ballys.

Now for the Magic show…

It was a 3 day event, i was busy the whole time running around with my lady and my boy Felix trying to hit all the seminars, then talk to all the sourcing people, then back to check out vendors…it was hectic and crazy but worth every bit of it!


I didn’t get too many pictures because i was wayyyy to busy (pictures weren’t really recommended in these areas) but i did get a few to show you guys some things i dig!  This company had some of there clothing in frames with glass which i loved! wood and glass are a very nice thing. i love simple. i love white.

We also saw celebs. at the magic show you can see anybody at any time so it wasn’t anything new but it was nice to see Kimora lee Simmons in person. she is huge! we saw Paul Wall, the Jobbawakkees and the dopest guy i saw was the guy from the Quentin Torintino preview “machete”! the Mexican guy that is in all the desperado, cowboy movies, he always plays the dope ass bad guy, yea him!

We also saw Travis Barker, i admire this guy, hes a cool cat and i think this might be one of his cars in front of the Famous booth.


They also had live fashion shows during seminars and such. it was really nice to see a nice, New York style catwalk with beautiful tall models! The clothing was great, the whole presentation was awesome! We also made it on the big screen =)


All in all it was an incredible 4 days! i learned so much, i am restructuring my whole companies plans and ideas, i already used a few of my contacts that i have made along the way during this journey and i will be going back every year! then after that…

Next stop, fashion week in NYC, after that FASHION WEEK PARIS!

I like my beat down low and my top laid back, laid back…

Friday, September 12th, 2008


if you didn’t know well now you knowwwww! im getting excited and im getting ansy but i just picked up a vert and im ready to turn it into the best thing this industry has ever seen! i drove all the way to Rockford, IL to pick it up from a ClubFR member and last sunday i finally started to do some work on it..

here are a few pics that inspired me for the build. basically i had a very precious hood that i couldn’t let go, its been done on a coupe before so me being the “try to be different guy” that i am, thought it would be ill to throw down on a vert!


i originally wanted to do the black and chrome look because i wanted to be on my grown man shit but every where i go people would ask me about my orange car or they would be like “are you the dude that drives the orange car?” i mean it just happened so much that i feel the people want it. its destine for me to be orange, so she will be orange!


This “supastar” vert was the first one i have ever seen. i think when i first got on myspace, i had originally talk to the dude about it. cool guy. never ever thought i would be building a vert…this was like over 5 yrs ago.


when i saw this white one i was sold! i am a big fan of gold wheels, there just so beautiful. i also love white. the car has been done before by my boys over at Touge Factory in a white coupe so i couldn’t redo that but man o man did this picture get me. also with verts they look so good in “Vienna” style, deep dish, mesh rims. i also wanted this look but thought i should change it up a bit. i did stick to “WORKS” and they will be my first set of baller wheels =)

im so excited! this car will be semi complete by Sept. 27 for Hot Import Nights Minnepolis so come check it out at our booth and use the discount code “driftline” to save bigggggggg!


if you want to keep track on the build, here is a link to it on zilvia.