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Drifting the elevation changes of USAIR!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Up and down the roller coaster of love

Initiating into that turn in slow mo

Running the 1st section of the Advance course

Drift or bust.

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Well after a hard week of preparing for Drift day 24, i was off. the MN boys had a group of about 6 cars rolling (4 drifting) and we were on our way to Shawano, Wisconsin. the day started off cold… and among others prepared our cars, got teched, then went right back in to warm up.

the cold weather was good for the cars, considering we were informed that the advance run group were doing full laps in 30 min. heats. when i first pulled my car onto the track, it felt nice to be back. still getting use to it  i felt by the end of the day i will be able to link most of the course.


the car looked good, i felt good, just wanted it to get a little nicer so i can get the top down! well after a weird night..people partying and getting drunk and then me….not…drinking….and actually having a hotel to sleep in…it was different but i took advantage of it to get a good rest to rock out in the morning.


after the second heat i was feeling it. i lost a bumper…lost a sideskirt but i was pushing and by the end of the heat i had a clean  run and i didnt spin out at all. i got the top down, it was getting nicer so i was feeling it baby!


by the third heat i was ready to go, i ran about 2 laps and boom….i blow my turbo! smoke everywhere, i pulled in..with the help of the wisconny boys and others i got the car fixed. (or fixed enough to make it home) by the time we got done…DD was over and it was time to go home =(


i had a good run this season, it was the most driving i ever got to do and i love it! the prince simba even got his car out here, he hasnt driving it since pro/am of last yr! but then he broke 2nd gear and he was also done for the day…

here is a picture of me leaving USAIR. i had to burn all the oil so i left a big cloud of smoke for about a mile! after that the shaft jammed it self so no more clanking noise from the turbo and all the oil burned out. i drove home NA but safe and the season is over…


The slide of my life!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Well i wanted to build the vert for HIN and that happened. then before i got any rest i had to get it ready for our next demo and i completed that as well! it feels good when you work hard and things come true. but then i picked up another task and that was drift day 24 and now i have to get the car ready for the 4 hr drive and them beat the shit out of her and bring her home….

gosh…when will it ever end?

anyways here are a few pics from the demo, if you want to see more just make sure you stop by


this car has been a great project and i cant wait till next year. working on getting some big sponsors and working with a few other companies so we will see what will happen. i actually want to tandem and compete next yr!


with all the motor problems, car problems and sitting out i have been gone for a bit and i should be farther then i am now but i guess it was all for the better. this was the biggest and best drift season i have had yet and it only goes up from here!



Monday, October 13th, 2008

OK, the last time i posted up some of my new sneaks that i copped, they were dunks that i found in NYC. They were khaki colored and they were womens sneaks! i really liked the design and it tied together pretty well. when i saw them, i was going to get them, guys or girls i didn’t care.

Yesterday i was out at the NIKE shop and i wasn’t looking for anything (because i didn’t want to spend any doe and i wanted to save it for drift day 24 expenses) but i fell upon some icy whites… if i needed any shoes now they were gonna be white ones. so i picked them up, took a look at them and thought to myself they were pretty fresh. icy white with straps, the inside had like snow flakes in them and the outside had a plastic glitter type of color but it was all white!


I thought they were mad dope so i tried them on. man o man did they even look better on. so i picked them up and felt good about only buying one item on this whole shopping Sunday afternoon.


i don’t know if this is the bad news or not but…these were womens sneaks….once again. for some reason the clean and simple women style NIKE’s are the ones that i really like. all men styles were either wierd colors that dont tie in well for me to wear or they just had colors that i didnt like.


NIKE Vandals. you decide.