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How can i ever lose wieght when i love food!

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I told my self i wouldn’t eat to much. while i was on my trip i encounter so much good stuff, so many recommendations that man i had to indulge in all of it. i told myself when i get home is when ill work out again, well guess what…when i get back its thanksgiving!


When i was out in long beach, i stayed close to a Roscoes. i mean this place is heard about all over and is pretty much famous. there is no way i can go home with out trying some chicken and waffles for breakfast.


The thought it is kinda wierd…why would you want to have waffles with fried chicken? well when the food came you finally realize why…BECAUSE IT TASTE GREAT! why wouldnt you want waffles, chicken wings, greens, mac and cheese, greens and even cornbread!


When we were strolling around LA, we got a tip from a good friend of ours, pretty lady Jenny Chu informed us to stop by ABC chinese food. from the start of the trip we dined at so many fancy places it was time for some good ol chinese take out food. after we found ABC we were delighted. we were also delighted because the lil kid that worked the front knew how to fill a take out box!

I mean if you were out here it would be two scoops…thats it! we stingy with our food. but out there son, man….this dude probably hated working at his parents joint or he was just generous but he put like 4 scoops of fried rice on my box..packed it down and added another one!

Yea all of that food for $4.50!


Fillet mignon, chicken and waffles, Chinese food, authentic Mexican food…so much good stuff on one trip and i hated that it had to end. last stop was the airport, took down some McDonalds and hated it! im never eating there again…after feeling woozy and having a sick stomach i found a seat to kick back, think about what im going to do when i get home to make this all possible again…..

bye bye west coast…

soon..soon i will be bumpin some B.I.G – “im going, going, back, back, to cali, cali”

My goodies, my goodies =)

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Ok, i been busy the past couple of days running around selling parts but i had a little bit of time today to post some of the goodies i got, cause i know everybody is waiting to see what i picked up!


First, Johnny cupcakes! check out the packaging, sweet aint it! also one of my purchases came with a SAVE BY THE BELL baseball card haha wierd but awesome at the same time!


A oven mitt reef shirt for me, a scroll shirt for the lady, some gloves and if you look at the lower left you can see the Zack Morris card! hahha


Here is the shirt i got from the castle. check out the fresh bag!


And here are my goodies from the hundreds… i had to get a signature bomb tee! even got some stickers for the ride!

Fairfax, Rosewood, Melrose…RODEO!

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Ok, if your ever in LA you know there is a couple of spots that you need to hit up for sure. as for me, being as johnny and bobby are great inspirations to me i had to hit up cupcakes and the hundreds no doubt! since i was there why not hit everything else as well…


Driving on through Fairfax you will spot dope shops like “alife” and “Hall of fame.” very sick store layouts and very hot brands. find premium collective hats at Hall of fame or stop in next door to get your gear on at alife.


Im not a big premium hat fan so i had to slide on over to alife to check out there sweet store layout. ok picture this. your working in front, straightening out shirts and shit and some lil youngin comes through and fucks it all up…yea, at alife, none of that shit happens. they created Plexiglas frames around their whole selection!

You pick and choose what you want and that’s it!


Next off i had to slide over to the “THLA” shop. if you didn’t know what that stands for you better check yourself…anyways its “the hundreds los angeles.” The shop off on rosewood. i love the brand and i love what they signify, a very big inspiration and where i would love my clothing to be in about 5 yrs.


Here is a lil view of the shop. very clean looking. everything is decorated in black. an ant farm and t shirts to the left and shoes, cut and sew and other goodies to the right. it was great to make it to the shop that Ive seen online all day…


These bomb pillows came out the day of my bday! but i didnt know what to do with a pillow so i didn’t pick it up…now on to the next location. as i leave the shop i gaze upon the building to see this billboard.


“Cant stop the crooks,” Crooks and castles is another dope LA brand that i admire. also ive always told myself that i want my own billboard sometime before i die. dsc01157.JPG

On to Melrose, here is where most of the shops are. we stopped at bape to check out nigo’s gear. i love his work but i probably wont wear to much of this stuff. if i did it would be the high pricey stuff that i cant afford.

We went to kid robot, there was a DC shop (which i never new existed) and then i had to stop at the castle.


This store was sick. i mean with the theme of high class, high priced gear for crooks they kept it sick! marble floors, the black and white layout, sculptures and everything. imagine crooks taking over a Louis Vuitton store.


Since i have an office now i think to myself, do i need to put up artwork on my walls? then i say i can put what ever the fuck i want so i decided for one of my walls i want to do a skateboard theme. OK, may be not theme but put some board work on my walls from cool designers and shit. that would set it off right. here is a little example…


The last stop on Melrose was yes, Johnny’s shop. now Ive seen this shop from beginning stages till the end. i kept up on it because i wanted to get ideas or see the process of completing such a project. it felt as if this was a child growing up and i haven’t seen it for a while and it was time to come back and see how much the little kid has grown.


Everything was there, from the big oven doors, to the oven panel that works, doors opening up and steam shooting out. the store was very creative and it was something johnny went all out in. this was the flagship LA store so he had to step it up from the other shops.


The store lay out was so fresh. i mean everything was laid out very nicely. big up to johnny and his brand. i love what this kid is doing. he also has so many more things to release and he also does lectures at colleges!

I mean he does things that i want to do…have a successful business and then help others that want to become successful as well. why cant we all prosper?


I was very excited to write this entry to show everyone what is out there and the cool shops so this is getting a bit long so let me hurry up…


After Melrose i had to hit up Rodeo drive just to see it. everything was closed by the time we got there but after seeing it in all the movies, and hearing about it and one of the spots my boys Vinnie and E go all the time, i had to check it out. so we swung through and it was beautiful..very RICH and enchanting haha


Anyways i did leave with a few goodies from my favorite shops. i mean yes you can order it online but to be able to pick up my items up directly at the store was worth it to me. when am i ever going back?


Stay tuned for the goodies….

Redbull Championships – Long Beach

Friday, November 21st, 2008

On Saturday i found myself at a secret location near the port of long beach. we were here for the first ever Redbull drifting championships. i was excited for this event because Ive seen a lot of videos and also stuff on TV but Ive never witness pro drifting live.


It was a good day, nice and hot. the vendors were out, the people were flocking in and it was a great experience to be here for the first time to see FD drivers and drivers from all over the nation!


There were 32 drivers that were competing and it was a dog fight till the end. it seemed as if the American drivers were a little over experienced but it was great to be here for the battles. since some of the international guys were here i took the time to meet a few of them. one of my favorite dudes, “Madmike.”


Great guy, great car, great accent and he was one of the only 2 drivers internationally that made it into the top 8. Here is a look of how the scenery was…pretty much water and cargo lifters everywhere!


It was a 2 day event and i had to miss my flight on Sunday to catch the final action but it was all worth it. the best battle of them all was dai and ueo going at it! OMG, they gave me chills from the early early initiation to the gangsta line that they took. the best door to door action all day! here is a clip that i recorded so you guys can get an idea…

But never the less, Rhys was the man. he has perfect runs all day and from watching he clearly already won. by the time he made it to the end, he had to face his teammate dai for the win and he took it easily. (dai spun out on his last run)

When i was there after the ceremony i had a chance to meet Tanner again to congratulate him on 3rd place and to thank him for reppin DL gear from the jump. hes a great guy and great driver.


All in all it was a blast to see the drifting, meet the people and see the vendors! a once and a life time trip that made my bday the best it has ever been!


Good job “madskills millen” you deserved it big guy!

Waking up in a beautiful land…

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

I woke up the next morning in one of the most beautiful places in Cali. Its the middle of November and there is no sign of anyone preparing for winter. i love it. it was sunny, the bay was popping and early in the morning we headed right back to India street to grab some food from the Italians =)


We stopped at a little joint that advertise serving breakfast and that was all that we needed. goomahs were already speaking Italian early in the morning so we knew the food here was gonna be on point.


What sucks was i was on my diet for the month to a healthy up myself  and this trip didn’t do me any good. if you keep following along you will see that i will be feasting like a king!


After the waiter came for the final time, a gentle “grazi” was passed and we were off to the next surprised location…hopped in the lil cobalt and that baby took us to Anaheim. When your in Cali and you head to Anaheim it only means one thing…(well for me that is) DISNEYLAND!


I’m 24 fuckin years old and the first time i go to Disney land is now! RIDICULOUS. anyways we started out our adventure at California adventure land..i didn’t know what the heck that is but its just like every other thing besides Disney and a little bit of it incorporated into it.


If you are ever in Cali and you get to go to Disneyland make sure you don’t forget the Toy Story ride. this jump off was my favorite. you go in on these lil carts and it takes you around big screens and you can shoot from your carts onto the visual screen, its sooooo fun! we had private passes to come back after the park was close and we hit that bitch up again! it was sweet!


I also learned how to draw dopey! there was another cool show which was done with CRUSH the sea turtle from nemo. the show was bomb kid! it was a big screen made to represent the window to an aquarium and he was on the screen swimming around like he was in it but he can talk to us and we can talk to him. very interactive and very cool because it was like stand up, with Crush!


After half of the day was spent on one side, it was time to enter the world of Disney! on this side there were so many cool rides! like the nightmare before Christmas was sick, i mean these rides were huge! you can get lost in them…Indiana Jones was sick! just huge huge sets!

The pirates of the Caribbean was one of my favorites. we started out entering into a restaurant with painted skies and it was dark at night. then it takes you through all the scenes, they were blasting gangsta pirate music, i couldn’t help but to join in “yo ho ho ho a pirates life for me.”


Finally after all that walking around, it was dinner time. we had special reservations at Blue Bayou which was the restaurant tied into the pirates ride so it was perfect. another fillet Mignon dinner with another candle lit cake but this time it was a pirate boat cookie cake =)

o yea i also ordered the pirate punch and got a captain hook toy!


After dinner i was ready to get my bed on, we thought to do another thing and then head off. my feet was killing and i was tired from all the walking and sun. so we ended it with the “enchanted tiki.” if your ever there dont ever go to this…it was completly dumb and stupid and we were finaly done after that!

When the day started i wasn’t looking forward to a full day in the sun but by the time we had to leave i missed this magically place already…a place where million of wishes come true…

and i had haven’t even started wishing yet…..

The 13th i will never forget…

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

The day of my bday is usually nothing out of the ordinary, sometimes i don’t even remember it but this yr i was told to set a week a side for some fun activities…a surprise you can say.


My lady took me out to lunch at Ciao Bella, out in Edina. a place i have been before and the fish here is always amazing! Good lunch to start the day…but what happens next will probably change my life for ever…ever…ever….ever..(echoing voice)

She surprise me with a ticket to CALI! all bags were packed and i had to leave with what i had on. a 4 hr plane ride usually isn’t bad but with out mags, games and anything to do..i was bored as shit! so i thought i would take the time to do what i would of done in high school when i was bored.


The finished work of one of the names i use to use back in the day =)

When we landed it wasn’t over yet..she had planned a lovely dinner in the city of Coronado. if you guys didn’t know Coronado is an island city in the bay of San Diego, connected by one big bridge. She took it one notch higher and booked a boat taxi after dark so we cruised on over to the beautiful island, to a restaurant named Candelas.


By this time i forgot it was still the same day, still my bday… we enjoyed a fancy dinner with nothing but a big clear window, gazing out into the bay overlooking downtown San Diego. It doesn’t get any better then this folks. the place was so romantic and dimly lit that the waiter had to carry a flash light to show us the menu!


I simply rejoiced my palette with there Au gratin fillet Mignon surrounded by raspberry sauce. when it was time for desert i was full but the waiter brought over one of my favorite fancy snacks, a candle lit Tres Lenches!


i blew it, made a wish and it was on to a nice little wine bar to get toasty.


It wasn’t to late but from all the traveling i was tired and after a nice cup of Stella and some sparkling sake at a cozy wine bar in Little Italy, i was off to the hotel for some good loving and great resting…..


A great start to a most amazing bday weekend vacation bonanza!

Thanks boo! its great to have some one so beautiful and so sweet love you in a way that you could only imagine in a dream….

Tijuana, Mexico for lunch on a Monday?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Umm yesterday…yea i was in Tijuana for lunch..wierd huh…

I missed my flight in San Diego to come home so when i woke up i guess we decided to head to Mexico for lunch. i wanted some tacos so i was like forget El Pollo Loco and lets get some real authentic shit! one thing that i didnt know is that in Tijuana, if you order a Margarita for lunch… get one for free and they also throw in a shot of Tequila!


Ive never been full, drunk walking around in a wierd country with the sun blazing down in my face in my whole life! it was sweet…..this whole week i have been doing things i havent done in my whole life…so please stay tuned…when i get pics i will be posting very interesting and gangsta west coast shit!

TMF trailer…

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

TMF Opposition Teaser Trailer from DLTV on Vimeo.

Check out the new trailer done by Chance from Drift line productions! Its awesome, its cheesy, its epic and it will keep you watching until we release a dvd =)

Cabin Fever

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

So a couple weeks ago i was invited to Scooters cabin once again. i missed it last year but this year i was in need of a get away and i was in need of nature. so i happily replied “yes!”


More like a mens club in the forest we talked about bitches and hoes, drank a lot of alcohol and smoked cigars. we also had a chance to shoot rifles all day…like over 800 rounds of it and by the end of the day i felt pretty good in my counter strike skills.


We had lil adventures through out the day, heading into the forest, walking along the creek, crossing over paths and trees that we werent suppose to, breaking down trees, lighting fireworks and running around with the open air and fields. we had no electricity, just the cabin, the boyz and our bonding…


It was a great weekend, the nights were cold, the food was cooked with candle light and the driveway up to this place was about a mile long into the woods. ive never done such a thing before but this beautiful weekend in October was to die for…

Head over to to view the rest of our fond memories.

Esco, lets go!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

If i was a south park character i would look like this.


cool huh. my buddy scooter sent this to me the other day i thought it was pretty cool.

in other news my man, Adam aka General Kratos was in town the other day from Cali and we had to get some mag shots in before the snow comes so here is a sneak peak for what is coming…..


i will post the rest when they come out..or maybe you will just have to stay tune and find it in the next issue of…..