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A time piece tells alot about a gentleman….

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

I told you i would have a time piece before i go to Chicago and guess what i got for Christmas…YES, a new watch my true love gave to me!

After this years “Black Black Friday,” we went to the Mall of America to shop for some items for each other for Christmas. What i had in mind was a watch. i wanted to search the whole mall to see what i can find. our first stop was Ultra Diamond to see what they had to offer.

I spotted a Lucien Paccard that i really like. i have read a few things about them and they are a great watch company from Switzerland. they have been in the business for almost 100 years and they are brand i would like to own. a brand that a few people know and others to ask about, just the brand i was looking for.


The pics on the internet didn’t do the watch any justice so i took my own so you can see the full potential of the watch. i was sold by the Rose gold, if you look real close, you can also see the tan-ish color the face of the watch is just like the Forzieri i wanted…


A few highlighted points on the watch are the Croc band, Sapphire crystal glass and its a automatic chronograph. the band also has a new piece i’ve never seen before. LP has created this “snap” piece which is attached to the end of the band so i don’t use the regular hook and hole method to put on the watch, which ruins the leather band causing it to crease and crack.

(If you look closely at the first photo you should be able to see the Rose gold snap attachment.)


As you can see here the back of the watch is “skeletal,” automatic chronograph means that i can tell what month it is, what day it is and the date. it also means that this watch is a self winding watch. what you see here is the automatic winder that winds up every time i move my arm up and down. i never have to replace a battery and i should be able to hand this watch down to my son some day…

All in all i really love this watch for its function, its rose gold tone and its total appearance. if you look at the second picture on the bottom there is a circle, its skeletal cut out shows me my watch is running. i can see the wheel spin back and forth, back and forth.  i love the number styling as well and how accurate and excellent a Swiss watch is made.

What a lovely Christmas i had and i cant wait to show it off in Chicago…HERE I COME!


Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

So for the past couple of days i been watch hunting. why you may ask, well i thought my Guess at home would do me well until i get my Rolex but with an economy like this….I DONT THINK SO.

With me working on cars and doing dirty work all the time, a watch is not really needed but i was thinking the other day, “i really need a watch to carry me around,” something i can wear most of my days. finding a watch can be easy but for me, ITS NOT.

Im 23 years old, i stay in fashion and i need a timepiece that will keep up with me. that means i need something that says “what the fuck is up” but on the other hand say “my name is james…james bond.” im looking for something i can wear and show my personality and style.


This is a watch ive had my eyes on for about a year now. i almost bought it in Chicago, i almost bought it in Albertville. the reason i didnt buy it was because i already have a square face, stainless steel dress watch and i dont need another one. but the sleek style and simpleness of this piece makes me fall deep in love…

Removing that off my list, im still searching… i told myself my next watch would be a luxurious watch that i can invest in. everyone knows that to be a true gentlemen you need a Rolex in your collection. when i was in Vegas i almost made that deciscion but i wanted to wait till i was ready. An Omega would be nice, Tag and Raymound’s are nice watches but may not be my type.

I love designer watches from Vuitton to Cavalli or D&G and Gucci but i wanted something different and i didnt want that kind of appeal. i something that stands out that i know, know one will have. Rado’s and Movado’s are great pieces as well but i feel as if everyone around me here has those watches.


I found a company called Forzieri when i was watch searching. its an Italian company and they sell product amongst the likes of Lamborgini, Cavalli and Breitling. There watches are very nice and the prices are as well. i stumbled upon this sqaure face, croc band watch above. the styling within the frame with the little hints of gold makes this watch a great prospect. its suttle, can hold a gentlemens arm but yet it stands out for people to wonder what type of watch this is.

But it is another square face and with the black croc band its more formal to me then it is an everyday watch. But the Forzieri company has caught my eye and i know that most people around here would probably be with out it, which will make it a limited hot commoditiy =)


After pages and pages of viewing, this watch popped out of the page like a rocket! Round face, which means more causal then formal, with the hints of gold it stands out and with the tan leather band with red stiching it makes it clean but attractive! i was never a big fan of the chrono watches but this one works very well and i like how the colors flow with each other.

Everyone and their moms rock a stainless steel chrono for everyday purposes but with it being gold and tan it seems to suit my style. this Forzieri seems to be my top pick but who knows…all i know is that i really love the Italian fashion!

When i actually make my decision…all will know…

 But i definitly need a new watch for my Chicago trip =)

My new promo vid!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Dennis K. Som – S13 Orange 240sx: Promo from DLTV on Vimeo.

After about a couple months time, i finally compiled all my footage and able to release my first promo vid! very exciting and i hope i can use this to help boost my myself and my vehicle for the 2009 season…

Thanks to Chance at Drift line productions! if you cant view the video on here please log on to

Join the party!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Here is a vid my man Ryan posted up on d-town. Check out the last song, final performance, with Felix in his TMF shirt and he even shouts out D-town!


Hspecs… the party and the self title album!

Monday, December 15th, 2008

This saturday, the 13th,  i have been saving for a long time. knowing that my boy felix is dropping a new album. i try not to miss a show ever because im a big fan and i love their music, this was a sure event not to miss out on. new album, first ave, packed house…why would you want to?


Thanks to Keith over at we have these awesome pics! the crowd was amazing, the new music was wonderful and the atmosphere was classic. we even had some of our Chicago fellows stop through for the show, which was awesome.


The band was good as always..but with it being at 1st ave, almost sold out venue, it made the experience astonishing! They did a couple of remixes for the show, the Luniz ” i got five on it” and also a Rick Ross track. the whole performance was mended pretty well and it was the best show i have ever been too!


I saw the show from all of the best spots in the house! for the last song my buddy Jay and I decided we can blast through the crowd to the front to jump around and feel the vibrant energy of the performance. after the show ended…we nodge the surrounding crowd and started the usual ” Hi-Ru-SPECS” chant and they were back again for an encore…playing “war drums” of course!


So since you missed out on the concert, take your ass to the store or online and pick up the new self title album from the Heiruspecs now! the best thing you will do for the rest of the year and also a great Christmas gift =)

Under the sea…

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

My lil brother loves watching “No reservation” on the travel channel. since i now have cable i been watching it as well. with all the traveling and delicious food that are in the show, oysters were one delicious snack that made my mouth water…when i was young i hated these things.

When i soon grew up, i found out with a splash of lemon juice, a dash of sea salt and presto, very tasty oyster!


For lunch yesterday i decided to hit up Red Lobster for some oyster loving fun!

One place not to forget when you are searching for oysters or any sea food is Stella’s fish cafe! yummm yummm yummm!


Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

I was cruisin the internet for ideas for my new sticker design that i am going to be releasing in the Windy city and i came across these…Special Nikes with laser imprinted crowns with a mahogany colored insert!


I believe these are called the “Mighty Crown” dunks. Their ill and fresh to def! If DL had nikes it would be something like this…hopefully it wont be to long before we can start doing some special things like this but its not going to be an easy task.


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008


Why am i writing a post about napkins, well read on and you will find out. maybe in another life i will be one of those guys off the food channel that travels around the world and taste many different things. maybe a food critic or something but in this life i just get a chance to dine in many different places. i love food and traveling brings me closer to more types. actually even if i didn’t travel i would be tasting many different types of food.

My family is Cambodian so i have Asian food running through my veins. Vietnamese food, Chinese food, i even get to taste a lot of Lao food because these are the people i hang with. i love Japanese culture so im in tuned with there foods as well. growing up on the south side in Mpls, i had many African American friends so i loveee me some soul food!

My second family is American so Ive had Jewish, Swedish and all sorts of European type foods. my girl friend is Guyanese so now i have South American taste around me as well. i don’t even need to travel to far to taste many different foods but i am getting a little off subject here…


I’m here to talk about napkins. through all the places that i have wined and dined, i like to rate a lot of the places by their choice of napkins. if you want to be a good restaurant PLEASE DON’T SKIP OUT ON THE NAPKINS! i hate cheap napkins, thin, small and just plain unusual able.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ended up having to use 15 napkins at one time because their cheap and thin! i hate it! when i hit a restaurant and they have high quality napkins it makes me feel good. you can eat what ever you want and when your hands get dirty you keep using the same one over and over and by the end of the day you will probably go through maybe 2.


Its just a little “thing” of mine that i like to go to restaurants with baller napkins. granted if you go to a 4 or 5 star restaurant, their napkins are clothes. i believe good napkins tell you something about a restaurant. their integrity, their quality, their thought of caring for you, the customer, to have a great dining experience.

One day i plan to open my own joint up and boy oh boy if i do, my napkins are going to be high quality!  just think about it, it will save you more money in the long run anyways…they might be more pricey but customers only use 1 or 2 napkins. when their cheap people just grab a whole bunch to wipe because their thin, their cheap so who gives a fuck.

This is my little rant about napkins but just remember one thing. a little thing as a napkin can tell you a lot about a restaurant, its the attention to detail that will set one apart from another…