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Luxury sports!

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Being a race car driver, i have driven many cars in my time. One vehicle that i recently drove i have to let the world know about it. It was last week, whip: Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG V12 Bi-Turbo.

This beauty was a beast! Imagine if Halle berry or Eva Longoria or even Meagan Fox as a car! When i opened the door, all i pictured was when i was a kid, twisting open an Oreo and seeing the snow white frosting inside of the black cookie.


If you ever in your life have money for white interior, don’t past up on it. It will be the freshest thing you will ever sit on and be surrounded by. Everyone thinks Bentley’s are top dog and everything, Ive even driven one of those too. The price is huge, almost everything is hand made but i would take one of these over a Flying Spur any day!


Speed and torque was on point. The white interior and the white exterior would make Rick Ross nod his head in approval. If you can take a peak at the front bumper, one thing i notice that i like was that the car is white but certain parts of the bumper and grill are painted black. This sets the car off in a sleek way and with out examining it, you would probably never notice.


I think i want to carry this lil secret over to my VIP ride. Paint the front bumper slots black and even the grill it self is chrome on the front but the inside is actually black.

With a sticker price of about $200,000 not to many of you will ever get a chance to drive this beauty and the beast but if you see one with the keys in it, i suggest you take it for a lil joy ride!


Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I love having a graphic or a piece of art on my hood. it started off when i saw Lance run a babe blvd picture on his hood. i did my Kim loan one and now i am rocking the DDrug tsunami on my vert. but i found a group of cats that took this shit to a different level!


If i was in Japan i would have two teams to choose from, either Team Orange or Weld! just check out these sick hoods!





Pics thanks to jdmegos’s web blog.

Orange Flush!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Thanks to the guys over at FATLACE for throwing the orange beast on the blog!!


Roll on through to check out my ride and all the other sweet whips that got their wheel game on point!

Special thanks to Brian at for the tires, Ross on zilvia for the Works and my man Adam at TYC photography for the dope photo shoot!

Peter pan and the lost boys

Monday, January 19th, 2009

When i was young, i never wanted to grow up. i never was a toys-r-us kid but i still hated the thought of growing up. my family didn’t really worry about getting me plenty of toys and watching kids movies, may be that is the reason why at the age of 24, i just watched Disney’s Peter pan for the first time.

Growing up i didn’t watch to many Disney movies at all, my parents didn’t really know what it was. i just watched things on TV. i remember one day watching Freddi Kruger on TV when i was young and that scarred me for a very long time…


I never knew the story of Peter pan took place in London, i never knew there were mermaids and Indians, but now i do. it was very interesting to watch. Kayne always told me to reach for the stars and now for once i finally have a chance. Peter suggested all i need to do, to fly is to think “happy thoughts,” so for those that want to touch the sky just follow this simple step in life…stay happy and always think of happy things, you can be and do what ever you want to do!

And if that doesn’t work…may be you just need a little pixie dust =)


D1GP 2009 stateside!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

LOS ANGELES (December 11, 2008) – Makes no bones about it…D1 Grand Prix is back in the USA !!! As the founder and premier drift racing sanctioning body globally, D1 Grand Prix ( ) is releasing the critical news the industry has been waiting for including: the 2009 U.S. racing schedule, locations, track design and upcoming media tour. D1GP USA made its first announcement regarding their return to U.S. soil just prior to the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas . Since then, D1GP USA has been developing a new racing format and is excited to announce its 2009 racing schedule with four unique locations across the United States and an aggressive and high impact new track design.

2009 D1 Grand Prix USA Schedule

* Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim , California – May 2 nd
* Dolphins Stadium, Miami , Florida – May 30 th
* Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania – July 18 th
* Soldier Field, Chicago , Illinois – August 1 st


D1 Dojo

Dubbed the D1 Dojo, the new aggressive track design is more than a race track, it’s a drifting entertainment experience that puts the show goer trackside for an up close and personal experience like never before. The track layout will be dynamic incorporating a bull ring-style with multiple entry and exit points and numerous turns. The racing will be heart pounding as in the distance fans will hear the faint roar of the engines as they ramp up from behind the Dojo before attacking the entry at top speed. The design allows for constant action – as one car exits out of the Dojo from one side of the track, the next car enters simultaneously for continual racing action. During breaks the track will take on exhibitions and other racing elements to entertain the crowd and when night falls on the Elite 8, the Dojo will be transformed into a dazzling display of lighting effects that only Driven Events, made up of the original founders of Hot Import Nights could pull off.

Surrounding the Dojo will be the D1 Fan Fest which will include sponsor and exhibitor midway, stage performances, model pavilions, car show and more. D1GP USA will release more entertainment and racing information in January to coincide with the launch of the new website and media tour.

Yakuza style

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

My lil bro is getting his license today and since we been teaching him how to drive since he was like 12, im pretty sure he is coming home with his L’s. the EK hatch is going back to him and its up for me to find another winter ride.


Another 240 was in mind since they are so cheap now a days (even with SR’s in them) or my buddy had an SC300 that he is trying to get rid of but i really thought i should get a cargo van to haul product in this summer, what i really wanted was a 90-96′ Infiniti q45!


After searching for my favorite model the G50, which is an older body style,  i had no luck. they were either all beat up or they were no where to be found. i wanted the G50 because i wanted to jump on the VIP bandwagon and sooner or later do a presidential front end.

With that not coming through and finding a sweet deal on an SR20’d powered 240, i was on my way to pick that up in the afternoon.


The day before i was going to pick up the 40, i spotted a newer q45 on craiglist and it was from a company we worked with before. i contacted them but didn’t think i had a chance at the fresh whip. woke up the next morning with an email from Brian over at and boom it happened.

I was the proud owner of a newer model body style q45! the car is so smooth, very luxurious and just what i needed for this harsh winter season.


Thanks to Brian i got a sweet deal and i am driving the most updated and most luxurious vehicle i haved ever owned! this is a sneak peak on what i have in store for this Q. she will be my daily for a bit but when she is almost done MN and the VIP world will have a lil something to talk about =)

VIP style, meet Mr.Som…. Dennis Som.

Old Chinatown…

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009


Usually when i am out in Chicago i have to hit up chinatown. it gives me my morning quick fix of asian cuisine. when woke up Sunday morning with the urge for good food before we head back on the rode home, we found a restaurant in old chinatown with a huge old sign directing us to go up.

After opening the doors, you see stairs climbing up to the second hall and it looked like it led to heaven. dim sum was in full service and out of all the dishes that i had the chicken feet was the best. i can actually say its the best Ive ever tasted! a touch better then Mandarin kitchen…unbelievable!

If you’ve never tried chinese dim sum and had chicken feet before, give it a shot! also if your ever in old chinatown look for the oldest joint and hop on in for some great eaten!

Fresh pup anyone =)

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009


I went to moms the other day to hang out a bit and get my grub on to catch this lil dude just hanging around. hes fresh and brand new to the world, can barely walk but the lil guy was soo cute! He’s gonna be a big boi when he grows up.


Southpark Gangsta style!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Drift Line Model makes it in LA!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009


We met Katrina at one of our auditions we had for our magazine/fashion show project last year. she was a tall blonde with a lot of attitude and skill. a native of Russia she was and still is a very dear friend to us and we had many good times during her stay here.


I myself was even lucky to do a shoot with her. a very beautiful girl she is destined for something bigger then Minnesota. she moved out to Cali last fall and there she actually booked her first big gig as a video girl. she made it into The Games new video with Ne-yo – Camera phone.

Check out the video here. at 3:15 you can see her in the video.

The Game feat. Ne-Yo – Camera Phone
Music Video Codes at

To Trina we wish you the best out there in L.A. and i will probably see you soon!