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Bringing it back to the Ol’Skool

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Mr. Felix introduce me to Trama last year. Before that, i been seeing his name plastered all around downtown.

Last year i also worked with Peter parker for a young min, cool east coast cat.

What they up to now? check it!

 And don’t forget…………….SOUNDSET 09′!!!!!!

Can’t nobody hold me down!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Today was a good day! After working on the car for a couple days, trying to make the May 9th deadline for my first demo this year, today was a good day. Everything i wanted to get done, i got done. The engine bay is getting cleaned up for a face lift and a little make up.


With everything these Muv Fuckas have stolen, thanks to my friends and sponsors for coming through again to get me back on the track asap.

I am getting the valve cover sprayed, the engine bay sprayed, removing many many wires, banging, cutting and building a new intercooler set up, replace turbo, replace manifold, back to Blitz bov and I still have to come up with a creative idea for my overflow can….

I haven’t worked on my baby for a ride so its good to get back in the garage, a good garage at that (dubbed the Mash Factory) to give baby Silvia some TLC.


Also these came in the mail! I cant wait to get them on and see how they look! I am not a big fan of bronze wheels on orange cars but all i can think about right now is “Msports style.” The only way these rims will look good to me if the car is SLAMMMED!

So lets throw some shoes on dat bitch and see if i can get some another post on HELLA FLUSHxFAT LACE!

Feeling better…

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Well after my lil incident, i am starting to feel a little better. Counting the days i have left until the next demo and dreaming about my car driving down the street on a nice warm day with the top down and all the ladies seeing Silvia with her top down so they put there top down…..Woops a little bit to much dreamin!

Well i came home the other day and receive this nice bitchin purple thing in the mail!


Thanks to EXEDY, i am a proud new owner of a Hypersingle and i cant wait to get that puppy in. Even though i have lost some parts, thanks to my sponsors and all the people that are helping me i am able to acquire a couple of new goodies.


My good buddy Noah came to my rescue the other day when he gave me a shoulder to cry on the day i figured Silvia was stripped and handed me these coolers.


So a big thanks to EXEDY and my man Noah for coming through to keep my car nice and cool this season and for keeping me smiling even though times get tough!

 I appreciate everything and thanks, thank you very much for helping me out this year!

Also thank you to Montana at Strait up D, Jon over at DC, Quy with Strictly Performance, D-town, my boys TMF Opposition, my main man Noah and my lovely lady for supporting me and being my extra bank account when Silvia needs it =)

DD25 – Gateway – St.Louis – Club FR

Monday, April 20th, 2009


This past weekend was the start to our new season out here in the Midwest. Club FR hosted our first event out in St.louey. The track was high speed and it was a great time to wake up the drivers for action!


Mikey magic was the only TMF guy that ran and was able to run because his car is the only one functioning right now. Magic was rippin it up all day. Pull 1st in qualifying and ended the day in 2nd. I am very proud of this guy. He’s been fighting for years to catch that lil break and the start of this season looks like hes going to be on the podium every competition.


Good ol buddy BP took the first place trophy. With his FD experience and his fine tuned s14 of his, my man manage to come on top once again to make sure people knows that he is still here and he is still the boss.


Congratulations to all the winners. With about 50 drivers entering from all over the Midwest, i am very proud to say that the top 3 drivers are all from Club FR!

1st – Brian P.
2nd – Mike P.
3rd – Juan M.

The season has begun and the action is under way!

For more pics go to

For more on Magic go to

My precious baby…

Friday, April 10th, 2009


I found out my car was stripped. It was in my garage in Excelsior, MN and someone BROKE into it and stripped it. This is what the car looks like, I had a few very precious items on this car.

The theives took most things and left others. Some of the things they stole were….

-DDrug Tsunami hood (one of a kind)
-Works stitch evolution wheels (one of a kind in gold)
-both Bride seats
-Sparco racing harness
-intercooler pipes
-small battery
-maf sensor
-t25 turbo elbow inlet

With those things stolen they didnt take:

-body kit
-Supermade rear wing
-Origin tail lights
-strut bar
-Pioneer CD deck
-Sparco steering wheel
-Silvia headlight
-Silvia grill

Which seems odd because these pieces were easy to steal and they didnt take it but they took the hood and the wheels which are very obvious who they belong to.

Please keep an eye and an ear out for these parts. My team, sponsors and I have worked hard on getting this car together and were excited about the 2009 season and now we have a little mountain to climb.


Im sure these thieves might not be drifters or even had a clue what they were doing or what kind of car this was, so we might not see anything come up on the forums, but make sure to keep a look out on ebay and craiglist.

If leads or tips are available please contact me at 612.308.4125, or email me at

I really just want my parts back so I can continue to get ready for the season, so if everything is returned properly I WONT HOLD ANYTHING AGIANST ANYONE, i will believe that it is a total mistake and you didnt know who you were stealing from.

But if I find out who has done this on my own, the whole world is going to come down on you =)


Here are a few photos.






The Arnage!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to drive the Arnage for the first time. Being able to drive the GT and the Flying spur previous, the Arnage is definitely my favorite!

The comfort, the design, the attention to detail in this car is amazing! When I drive my orange convertible around I get mad looks but in this car, when you get the same looks, their eyes gleam a certain wonder… a certain fascination that I can’t explain.


The interior was money! It wasn’t to much, just enough. Sitting in the seats only compare to opening up a bucket of butter and slowing adjusting yourself into it. This is absolutely one of the top vehicles I have ever driven.


My sidekick photos definitely don’t do this car any justice but I’m pretty sure you guys have a real good idea of what this car looks like. I just wanted to help as much as I can explain something that I have experience that not many others will get a chance to.


The owner of this car has the coolest name I have ever heard of, “Dennis” and thanks to Dennis I have driven the 2 dopest cars in my life. (He also has a red 1975 Rolls Royce)

The guy is a big investor, threw some money down on a movie that did real well and now he’s living the good life!

Risky business!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Help the Risky boys out! They, as a street team would love to make it out to ASB this year and they also have set up a little program to help them get there.


 So please buy a few of these dope ass stickers from them and help support these bad ass street racing culture kids get to their destination!

Color is white only, sorry guys. White keeps the cost down, while being a good contrasting color. Plus looks COOL and its simple.

Sizing is H-3 in x L-9 in. Not too small, not too big.

Donation for (1) Sticker – $5, and (2) for $9.
Also, there will be a silent donation as well, send anything you got and
we will hook you up, the highest donation will get a awesome sticker pack,
signed copy of T2 Films DVD, by TF, Risky Devil, and Grip Gambler members, plus some cool crap we’re still deciding on.

History homies, Lets make it happen


Shipping will be $5, via USPS envelope , so your stickies don’t get damaged.
Paypal –

Don’t forget to leave your name, and full address.

Every batch/wave of stickers will be printed every weekend, so don’t be scared if its delayed. Everyone is going to help make these stickers regardless of the insane schedules we have.


Thanks guys

Look at them wheelsssssss

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


– I was on my way to the hood to buy them 20’s..

* Them ain’t 20’s?

– Them is 20’s! i was on my way to buy them…

* They aint’t 20’s Day Day!

– I know they ain’t 20’s, they 17’s…..BUT I KEEP EM CLEAN DOE =)