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Drift Dontyaknow Round 4!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Easter bear, Magic cards, Drifting, Elko.


The Easter bear…

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

If you guys dont know what the easter bear is its about time you found out!

He can pop out anytime, any place and you will be sad….

Scooter met the easter bear, Leegro met the easter bear and me driving around 11 o’ clock at night, right hand to left hand hair pin and boom there he was!


One by one we are all going down…i guess it doesnt help that our team mascot is yes……The Easter Bear.

Cinco De Madre?

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Well for mothers day we woke up early and the Cinco De Mayo festival on Lake Street was scheduled for this week and not the actual day last week. We went last year and had a good time so we decided to head back down there this year.

The usual, taco asada, roasted corn, churro and salted mango was the typical menu this year i decided to change it up a bit. Walking around the crowded block with over 500 people i spotted this dish..


I had no idea what it was but it looked so good that i didnt care. I just told my self i had to have it! I finally found out where it was being sold and didnt even bother to ask what was on it. “Uno” one of those please i asked…

It was basically a salad on a huge rectangle strip of pork grind with hot sauce layered on. It wasnt great but it wasnt bad, it also had some squishy tendons sprinkled on top of it that i have yet to figure out…but i washed it down with bottled imported fruit punch from Mexico called Jarrito!

I love the culture and the food is why we go back every year and eat Mexican food every so often.


Then finally for mothers day, the lady took her moms to Sushi Seven, a spot i have been to pretty much every other weekend and i have enjoyed there sushi for some time.

But this time i was with virgins! and plus i have never been there on a Sunday which is all you can eat sushi for $30 bucks!

Noah greeted us at the door, we came up ordered as much sushi as we can at once and dug in. It was also my boys Smurf’s first time so i enjoyed myself watching him make wierd faces at some of the different style sushi he had to eat.

Moms and pops actually tried some of the COOKED sushi like the crunchy roll, which was nice to see and us well, number 9 roll, winter roll, 7 roll, spicy tuna, we had some Ebi, Unagi, salmon, tuna, and also clam which i have never tried before.

I love sushi but im still an american sushi eater because i can only do rolls not a big fan of Nigiri…but all it all we got stuffed.

Happy Mothers day to all =)

At least I got to drive her…

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Well after taking my precious time messing with the engine bay i went from this…


To this!


If you guys know me, this really isn’t my style. I’m more of the orange, black keep it clean with not to many things or colors but bright and bold so it still stands out type of guy.

I thought to myself, people just took a piece of my baby away from me so I had to start a new chapter and change her up a bit because she is not what she use to be. I did the engine bay bronze to match the wheels, i kept hoses and couplers blue and the valve cover i went for a JDM spoon look.

I still need to find some Kevlar for the spark plug cover….


I’ve been working on the car non stop for about two weeks now trying to get her ready for the demo that I usually do with Simply Luxury imports (The company that hooked me up with my q45) at the start of the season to get back into the groove of things and to shake down the car a bit.

Well the kru and I finally got her running the day of the event, after blood, sweat, tears and late nights we thought everything was good and ready to go. I took her around the block a few times and she felt good, right when I told Scooter to hop in and we were ready to head to the show the car made a funny clanking noise and we had to turn around and get her back to the Mash Factory. (Our new tuning garage)

So the day didn’t go as planned, I’ve been waiting so long to get sideways or to even drive my car, i was just so exhausted that i gave up. I don’t know what is really wrong with her but i will diagnose it tomorrow.

Oh yea, happy mothers day.

BIG THANKS TO Leroy, Cooter and Andrew for all the help and to everyone else that helped out with donated parts!


But like I said, at least I got to drive her……

(She looks a lot better with these wheels)

A day at SE Custom powder coating…

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

So the golden ticket valve cover I had didn’t really do it for me. I wanted some powder coat. I have never powder coated anything in my life but when I am ready Ralph over at SE Custom powder coating was ready to take care of me.

I contacted one of my awesome girl friends, Amy and asked her if I can get a hold of her pops for some coating action. Made a phone call and Ralph actually told me I can come in and blast the valve cover myself.

So I did =)


I never sand blasted before but it sure was fun! If I had some headphones, it would of been a done deal, I could sand blast all day jammin!


Here is the finished look after the blast, I actually like this look a lot but I like golden yellow sparkle better!


Next on the menu was to bake these bad boys and clean them up a bit after blasting. I also had Scooters V8 covers with me as well. We bake them at almost 400 degrees…


Then to the booth for some powder. I never really knew that it is actual powder that they use. When it gets baked it melts and blends into the metal to make a smooth finish like paint but is much stronger.

Ralph has been doing thing for some time and is a bonafide pro! He’s works with hot rods and bikes mostly but if you need your spinners or 24 inch rims done he can do them too!


After the powder we bake them again and here is what they look like fresh and hot out of the oven. They look like twinkies until the final clear coat that consist of silver sparkles. The powder for this looks like a diamond that has been cut in a million pieces and laid onto the valve cover.


Here is the finish piece, its sorta hard to see since my sidekick cam is not all that but you can kind of see the sparkle. In the sun it comes “alive” as Ralph would say.

But I am very impressed on how it came out, I love it. SpendingĀ  a day with my man Ralph is awesome, hes a very good guy and he will def. take care of you.

So if you ever needed anything powder coated take it to SE Custom powder coating in Savage, off of hwy 13 and you will be pleased at your final product!

We on a boat!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


To start the month of May, Chance had a boat party for his bday and it went exactly as planned. I put on my greatest yacht out fit consisting of J-crew stripped pants, Nautica belt, Ralph Lauren polo shirt, draped with Ralph Lauren Polo sweater!

Every one was in attendance and we had a really good time. Don’t remember much of the sea or Lake Minnetonka but we had girls, alcohol and bad things happening just like we were looking forward too.


I also actually saved two lives that night along with Leegro and Mr. Felix!


Two people were arguing and accidentally fell into the lake at night! It was crazy, I told my self that if I would of fell in the water that I would of been a goner but these two were strong with the will to survive!

The look on their faces when I pulled them out of the water was something I have never seen before, remember the water temp of the lake was freezing but we got them out and they were ok.


Tons of alcohol, many women, dancing, jumping, smoking, drinking, chillin, having a good time and saving lives, we had another awesome time and it will go down again =)

Oh yea Magic man was there!

I got a golden tick-et, i got a golden tick-et!

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

I cant wait to finish my engine bay!


My style this year, rockĀ no hood like Sil-80 Mike back in 07′

Engine bay = Dope boy fresh!