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Ma, I made it!

Monday, June 29th, 2009


Pick up your own copy of Performance auto & sound for the month of June and you will find an orange treat with the top off!


My first feature ever thanks to PAS and Adam from TYC photography for doing such a great job on the shoot! I also want to thank all my sponsors again for helping out with this season, this one goes to you.



A nicely done 3-4 page article on the lady with the top off. I miss those rims and hope I get them back so I can throw them on my Q….But thanks again to every one who supported me. This car is far from finish and I have many plans for her!

Peep the whole article online at:

RIP to The King of Pop

Friday, June 26th, 2009


We have followed him since day one, we know atleast 5 of his songs, we’ve seen the good and the bad, a true star and performer, Rest In Piece to one the greatest that has ever lived….your music will live on forever….


Thursday, June 25th, 2009


Noah and I were cruising around one day and this is what we saw….a race car being towed by a bus….AWESOME.

Congradulations Lil Bro

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

This Friday at Moms we are having a lil grad party for my lil bro. I am very proud of the kid, he finally graduated high school. He’s one of the most matured lil dudes I have ever known. From the very jump we would always involve him in our activities like basketball, cars and parties thinking that he’s of age but after some light thinking, realizing he was young as hell.


A couple weeks ago we attended the Target Center for his ceremony, the same place where mine took place and it was good to finally see the last person in the family to graduate high school. He’s always been a good kid with a good head on his shoulders so I never worry about him so much.


The class of 09′ was pretty big. I remember sitting on these seats and listening to all the kids coming up to give a speech that I didn’t even know and def. didn’t even listen. Attending this one I did the same until this kid from Africa came up…sorry I forgot your name but he gave a speech that was strong and inspirational. Something I could relate to because he wasn’t just anyone…he was someone from a different country that had to work hard for what he wanted and spoke with fire.


After Lil Bro’s names was announce we cheered louder then anyone in the building. Yelling out “show ya swag” at the end of the cheer made me feel like my brother out-shined everyone in that building. We proceeded out of the arena after the ceremony was over and headed over to spot with the best mom and pop Chinese food ever, Kowloon, around the U of M campus.


My present to the lil man’s for turning into an older person ready to enter to the world was an Armani Timepiece that I thought he needed. Every gentlemen needs a nice watch and after graduating high school I felt there will be times where he would have to dress more appropriate for occasions and to look more formal.

Congratulations little brother, you made it this far why not go the rest of the way. Stay smart, stay real and stay true to your self and life will unravel in the palm of your hands…

Love you my dude!

Mid America Motorplex

Monday, June 22nd, 2009


We had the opportunity to test out Mid-America Motorplex in Iowa last weekend. The track is huge and driving around at the top of third feels slow…


About a 6 hours drive, with no radio, it felt like 60 hours! Everyone thinks having a convertible is the most awesomeness thing, driving with the top down is so freakin sweet, 6 hrs driving through the heartland with the sun beaming down on you is not something I think is fun.

This is the darkest I’ve been for a long time and my fore arms look as red as a lobster!


The track felt good and went well. Sticky and high speed, it was nothing I have ever dealt with before…I still need plenty of seat time in this new car to get it down but it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go at it again.


After blowing through a few couplers, mad rain and a long long day all I wanted to do was get home safe. But due to some problems with scooters jet engine we ended up staying in Iowa for 2 nights and enjoying our selves at Iowa’s Playhouse…

Never will I be stuck in Iowa again….

Stickers stickers Stickers

Friday, June 19th, 2009



Big ups to all my sponsors they have helped so much!

Stryker shoot!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Stay tuned for more pics!

I need this!

Monday, June 15th, 2009

The black Crooks to your right…


Sneak Freak.

Friday, June 12th, 2009

I was at the local Barnes and Noble checking out car magazines to blow some time before my brothers graduation and stumbled upon the new issue of Sneaker Freaker. A lil sneaker book that will flip you out every season.

Browsing through i see all diff style kicks, some i like, some i have no idea why they are popular but… hey, diff stroke for diff folk my luvly Lena would always tell me.


About 5 pages in i spot these Lacoste x Mita jump offs! The remix they did with Mita on these are sick. The detail is just about right, not so happy about the color but these things are hott! Ive never seen Lacoste look like these before. I was in San Diego and spotted some nice icy white slip ons and everything thing else they had was kinda clean but these are Funky Fresh!


While flipping through i also noticed that the “design your own sneaks” thing is getting more popular. So many “do it your self” guides out there now, seems like everyone is doing it. I remember when i was doing this at the time and it was fun. Having your creativity flow on a sneaker is a lot diff on a canvas.

But the thing that got me was that i love art for the art. When i think about making money off it or selling it, it kind takes away from everything. When i was in school it was my strongest subject but i always told myself that i do this for a hobby and i need to find a career.

Now I’m thinking back like man this is what i do, easily, why not find some work designing?

Well back to the sneaks story, it could take you hours upon hours designing a shoe and i remember some times sitting there on my desk with my lil lamp on and thinking damm all the hrs i spent on this shoe, alone, is it a waste of time?

Well I’m not doing that anymore so it probably was, to me, while i could of been drifting…but maybe one day when I’m sitting around lounging ill grab me something to work on…

 Anyways near the back of the book, boom boom pow, pops out another Lacoste shoe. This time grey, lows, perfect. I think i def need to find these kicks!

“Like David Beckham keep a mean shoe game…”

Shorty and Wags

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

I grew up in the south side. If you grew up in either side, each would claim it as the best side but from my perspective the south was the best place to grow up. We had everything north side did but it wasn’t as ridiculous. Gunshots, robberies and jackings, everything was kept to a minimum and I feel as if the culture out here was a bit more interesting.

In the heart of the south, there is a small shop thats been there for years. Shorty and Wags, when ever you were hungry you would hop in your lil hooptie and gas your way over for some wings. The beautiful salty but fixed just right seasoning would hit your toungue and you just knew you sank your teef into some good wings!


 My man Chaz and Jay Cee def. would know about this. Usually when i get wings it would be a to go order and i would take it back to the crib where we all would dig in. The other day was the only day that i actually sat in the facility to actually dine in. The lady has never had it before and for her, growing up in Brooklyn she was used to the mom and pop shops so i had to show her one of ours =)


There is just something magical and tasty about getting your food in a take out box that is universal to every hood and ghetto in the world. From chinese food to chicken wings, when it comes in a take out box, 9 times out of 10, that shit is slammin!

So if you are ever around on 37th and Nicollet, look for that big yellow sign, the porch style screen door and head on in for some dope ass wings over in the Southside of Minneapolis.