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Chicago x HIN x Risky Devil

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Man it feels like I haven’t spoke to you in awhile! I been busy and my computer time has gone down a bit but I have a wonderful Chicago trip to tell you about. (I thought I should get this out the way since I am heading back this weekend)


The weekend of Hot import nights and I didn’t show, nor did I drift. Wierd huh? Well since my lil lady couldn’t join me on the trip I decided to take my other lil lady on the trip. Her and I got a 7hr bonding session with no music.

Ok, her Buddy Club exhaust humming drives me to sleep ever so often so I did use the ipod a bit but hey it got me there faster OK.


I got the lil lady aligned a day before the trip and I was off. The goal of the trip was to spend time with Chi-town friends and hang out in there enviroment. EVERY single time I head to the Chi, im always there on business, drifting, driving or partying.

I’ve never taken the time out to come enjoy the city. The first time I came to see Selena back in like 05′ I did that but every time after I never got the chance.


When I arrived, I spendt some good quality time with Lena and that was one of the highlights of the trips, I love her and now start to realize the steez shes been on since she got out of High school.

Yes, I went to the show. I took one picture. Yes, I saw drifting, Mike took 2nd. But you ask what was better? I told my boi Josh that I just wanted some hometown food and hang out spots. He said sure and hit the iphone and it was done. EZ.


So after HIN wrapped up, we linked up with the EAT.SLEEP.RACExSPEED LOUNGE guys from the east coast for a lil night run…..

Not drifting dude, food!

We were also graced by the special presence of Miss Krisana as well! From the silly antics out of Francis and his brother, to the double dinner order brought to Brian, the night seems as it just started. And when asked whats the dopest jump off 2am at night, well 7 treasures in Chinatown duh!


Hungry as F*ck not knowing what to eat, I ask my man Chob whats good and he gives me three numbers….5-5-4. I said ok give me that 554 if its the shit and ya’ll got it like that, lets roll with it!

Plate came out with rice, bbq pork and a huge fried egg right on top! Couldn’t ask for anything better!

About 1,000 inside jokes later, Brian and Brian flicking their wrist say “Heyy Risque Gayy” and a nasty bubble tea Josh ordered, sipped it, spit it out and lefted it for a bum, we were off to a romantic spot downtown to say good night….


We ended the night all holding hands walking around the park in the center of lofts, condos and high towers. Ok may be not holding hands but we did take a nice group photo and called it a night.

What a bunch of Shnazzy people (besides Andy, look at his tongue, this is where the Risky gets Risk Gay), we also took a gangster photo but we wont put that one up, knowing that none of us are gangsters….

The next morning a text was submitted through an iphone and booya fancy dancy cars! I spy CHOB S14!


It was an honor to drive with my boys and I was glad I had that chance to do so. “Chicagos infamous street drift crew”

To take my car all the way to the Chi and cruise it in the streets was awesome. It didnt last long..but it was a short and a very sweet moment…(Wish I was there for the Lake shore cruise)


Silvia finally got to play in Chicago and it was worth it. She also had friends to join her which made it even better. Thanks to the whole crew that came out and ill probably see you soon. Some tire smoke here and a couple of these later…


….. came back, pick up the bags, gave Lena a big hug and I off on my way back home….alone…from Chi city….and a weekend that I have enjoyed more then my other weekends in this city just hanging out and spending good ol’ quality time with some great friends…..


I let my top lay back, beat down low, I look into the sky and think to myself, Thanks Risky, it was nice meeting the Jersey boys, Love you Lena and umm see you in Sept. IOWA. You know who are…..

Sunday. Funday.

Is it a full moon or a Blue Moon?

Monday, July 20th, 2009


I invited everyone to Majors over in Bloomington for a lil dranky drank…who knew people actually go out to drink Blue Moons on a full moon….

August 5th – Be there Blue moons for only 10 cents! Another round for everybody!

Won’t you be my neighbor…

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

I arrived at Automobile Service in St,Louis Park the other day right before I was on my way to Chicago to pick up the car after alignment. Awesome shop they do great alignments and I bring my ride there every time I need to straighten things out.

As I approach Silvia I see she has a friend next to her…Mr. Chevy Bel-air one of my fav. classic Chevy’s of all time.

Its not everyday that you see these two types of cars in the same frame…


The aftermath

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Dont have much time to write but here are a few shots, thanks to Kieth the photo master who will be driving very soon…


Big thanks to KUHMO for the Independence day tires =)


Special invited guest starring Adam M. and Derreck all the way from Indy came down to have some Smurf Smoke fun!


I finally had the car dialed in and was back on the bank to cash them checks! SHA BOO PEE!


Bambo, guess what…HANDS UP BABY, you aint doing nuffin wrong if your hands are UP!


The night once again went to Mikey, Ive been telling people this is his year and so far it has been. Hes been the star of every show, every drift event, every every thing you want to name. Tonight, Wall riding, flame blasting monster with red smoke, he ended the night by lighting a pile of cars on fire with his exhaust! Nutty and dangerous but thats how he likes it!


To view flammage please head to



Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Ive heard this song once and it didnt catch my ear at all but the second time I heard it some, one showed me this video…I had a dream about it last night and woke up, watched it at 7am this morning and the video and the song is so perfect!

Big ups to the dude that created all the graphics to go with this song, I actually thought it was Kanye’s real video but it is just someones awesome hard work!

I love it!

Oh kayyyyy oh kayyyy OK.

Happy 4th of July to all!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009


To all the friends and families out there have a safe July 4th! If anyone is free this is what we are doing today!

-Burning tires, racing buses, figure ‘s, monster trucks, fire, fire works, cars on fire, more fire, explosions, wall taps, 3rd gear bank, wall, fire, wall, fire, fire and MAYHEM!!!

Need I request once more…have a safe July 4th =)

Where do bikes go when they die?

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Went on a lil cruise out to Jordan the other day with Scooter to meet good ol’ elbow bro Bill. (Now known at the shop as Biltaco) Billy is in school over at Mankato but works at the bike shop in the summer. How he got his name in the shop – well he builds and restores these…


From what he told me they are old 60’s bikes from Spain. They are hot, old, cafe style bikes that people sorta collect. When I was there he just told me some dude from Europe ordered all the old and dead Bultaco’s they had lying around….all 100 of them!

But it was good to go see what he was doing and to see mass amounts of dead bikes….pretty much the yard looked like a place for adventure, you could fall upon anything…..


Walking around the vast array of parts and bikes its sweet spotting all these neat bikes in many different styles and bodies. I found this little orange one that I can only imagine what I would look like riding this thing around. Just picture Dumb and Dumber with a lil bit of style =)


Samsonite……Mary Samsonite!

T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 Films.

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Ryan Tuerck Promo vid at ATL from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.

 Timmy I wanna work with you so bad!