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Wheels of Italy

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The other day we stopped out at Wheels of Italy at Lake Calhoun. It was a nice day, I had the CBR 600, so we decided to stop by. The usual guest list was there, Ferrari’s and Lambo’s but what caught my attention was….



Yes, the Bugatti baby! Notice the front end grate, the spare wheel and the leather straps! I love leather straps….such a classic look on cars. Check out the genuine Italian leather strap on the hood of this British Morgan…


There were plenty of nice cars there but I guess “nice” would be determined by your personal preference. (Notice I didnt take any photos of Gallardo’s or 575’s)

One of the hottest cars that was there was the Alfa Romeo Competizione. Thanks to MN Masarati, who has now made their home here in the cold state for a few years, we got a chance to see this dazzling automobile in person.


They also had a few new Masarati Gran Turismo’s there but I didnt get a chance to take any shots of it….(I do love the new look) but I did get this little baby Rati with a paint job that I’ve never seen before. I dont believe its stock but I couldnt find the owner to speak with him.

I have driven one of these bad boys before and the paddle shifters are definitely on point, the only thing you got to remember is, dont forget to pull the reverse lever before you back it in to park =)


Last but not least the bikes that the locals drove out were pretty awesome as well. This is the first Moto Guzzo that I’ve seen with a sweet little side cab. I told Kieth he needs to pick up one of these for him and Sumo.


A 848 White on black Ducati! How can you not feel like a stylish speed demon if you had one of these? I love white bikes and aside from the new white Honda CBR, this one takes my heart. The angles and edges are crafted real well, the front fascia is sharp but subtle and flat black wheels…ohh weee

sigh…..The White Comet…..

Enjoy the pics and for more info head to:

Latest cops…

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009


Growing up being into hip hop and watching a lot of rappers and artist paying respects to DMC, I’ve never thought anything else but to rock “Shell toes.” If I wasnt doing that, then I had hoopin shoes on. I would rock And 1’s all day long or my favorites were the Reebok Questions that Iverson wore.

I played ball all day and I thought to myself “I gotta rock basketball shoes,” because when ever cats were down, I had to be ready…

Now a days, things are a bit diff. I went from Adidas being my everyday shoe to Puma Roma’s, I got like 10 pairs in all different colors.


They were so light and comfy, going from clunkin shell toes to the Roma’s I felt like I was only wearing socks on my feet. Now when I shop for shoes, im looking for something serious.

Not meaning that I am going to buy some crazy hundred dollar limiteds (because I would probably put them on the shelf then rock em) but im looking for something different, that stands out and a bit more colorful or with more texture.

I’ve never had hightops before cause I was always use to the lows. I love lows, I would rock them summer, spring, fall, winter!

This year I wanted to get my first pair of high tops. I haven’t found anything I like yet but these….


which are not that easy to get, but im working on it…I gotta start slow….so since im waiting, I copped some Mids from Pony. These black “Feed the Cat” sneaks were my first LA style shoes. I needed something casual I can rock everyday, with a suit or a shirt.

The design is subtle, with converse style soles, thin trim of patent leather and the suede toe, it was a perfect mix of different fabrics in black. (first picture)


Since I been rockin basketball shoes and shell toes my whole life I’ve never owned a pair of slip ons either. Since they gain huge popularity last season I spotted some DC’s that I wanted but never got a chance to get them. I didnt want to jump on the Ed Hardy style design slip ons and I didnt like the traditional white or black canvas style either.

When I spotted these Hilfigers, I knew I had to have them. Picturing a white Express button up, with an Armani vest and a grey stripped Guess slim tie, some tailored Rockin Republic jeans, (throw a chain on it) find some dope shades, slip these grey Argyles on and you got your self a handsome get up =)

I liked these because there clean and simple but yet the lil detail’s is what sold me. If you can see that black square on the side its a piece of corduroy fabric with the logo on it. Pretty fresh I think and I cant wait to rock em!

Since I’m more open in my sneaker collection game now, I get very excited when I sneaker shop…

I remember back in the days when I was a young buck and I got like one pair of shoes a year, maybe even two, so when I got them and brought them home, I would wear em around the house until moms made me take em off and they wouldn’t go back on till the first day of school…

My favorite shoe when I was starting school was my red Converse and my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle strap ons!


Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Last week I finally got a chance to see my first Cirque De Soleil. After trying to hit up a show in Vegas and also seeing billboards all over town when I was in Chicago, I was due for a screening.

Kooza was finally in town. Tents were set up in the empty lot in downtown St.Paul where the autocross events use to take place.


I’m not usually in St.Paul much but being out there, I actually would like to explore it a bit more…all the museums and pubs look very fun and interesting.

The day was very hot but inside these huge tents they did have the AC on blast and the bathrooms were actually pretty awesome. Usually companies that organize these events rent bathrooms but they had plenty of semi trucks and this production provided their own everything!


It was very dark inside and they frowned upon pictures. I thought I’d whip out the sidekick and pop a few shots before I leave this wonderful and enchanting experience. The acts were amazing and it seems like the more I grow up the more I do more of the childish things that I love.

What seem to be a entertaining circus, the acts and sets they had inside these tents were amazing. What I remember the most was the 3 ladies that demonstrated how agile a human body can be (all I can think in my head is if these girls were b-girls they would smash) and 2 guys that were dare devils on this 300-350ft wheel of death.


All in all it was a great experience and I would def. go to another show. It was a sold out crowd and I’m pretty sure everyone got their moneys worth.

Upon arriving and snagging a sweet parking spot and leaving St.Paul being attacked by a crazy 4 door civic with a huge camera inside, activities in the summer are slimming down and I am making the best of it….

For more info head to:

Stuntin’ or driftin’?

Sunday, August 16th, 2009


If I had to build another drift car…it would have to a 4 door and it would have to be sickle cell. Big body sickness!

Jamaica Independence day!

Thursday, August 13th, 2009


To celebrate, you bump your Marleys and you eat cha jerk chicken and plantains!

Living in Japan….

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


One of my good friends just sent himself to Japan, that means we will have another person we can keep up with on the other side of the earth. Jeremy got sick of the corporate life and want to travel the world so he decided to take a teaching job out in the land of the rising sun.

Peep the blog and see what he gets into next!

(and yes he does dress like that)

Mr. Cupcake

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

I pulled out my camera from the armrest under my right elbow in the cockpit of my 2-4-0. Turned it on, looked through the lens and spotted a shot like this….


Tell me what you see? If you guess a cupcake with crossbones then you are correct. My good friend Chris put me onto Johnny Cupcakes a couple years ago and I have been following him ever since. Being so entrepreneurial driven, he is an inspiration to me.

I’ve always wanted to have a career or to make income doing what I love or even spreading what I love to others. My father always told me that you can either work for someone or work for yourself….in my eyes I’d rather work for my self doing what ever I love and what ever I want.

Still living life and trying to decide which road to take, I try to keep my inspirations focused…but sometimes its hard. I would like to thank Johnny Earle for keeping my dreams alive and one day…one day…I will be able to wear what I want to work, leave when I please and cater to my customers and keep them smiling from the first step they take into the door =)

Peep out the new write up in Inc Magazine on Johnny and his exclusive empire:


“Life is a dream, So live out your dream” – Dennis K. Som

Doing it in the park, Doing it after dark.

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Loring Park in Uptown started their movie Mondays in the park a couple weeks ago and I took my misses there for the first time to see what it was all about. We made it there on time but there was a few hundred people before us!


We were there to see “Cool hand Luke,” a classic film with a bit of boyish mischief that we would probably enjoy from director Stuart Rosenberg starring Paul Newman, George Kennedy, Strother Martin, JD Cannon, Lou Antonio, Robert Drivas, Jo Van Fleet, and Clifton James.

I brought us a lil snack to enjoy while we were waiting for the film to begin. Made a quick stopped over at the Red Dragon (Famous for their Wondrous Punch that will knock you out) down the street for a quart of chicken fried rice and chicken wings. I topped it off with a bottle of Moscato D’asti to wash down the high sodium from out meal. 

There’s Nothing like a bottle of wine at the park…


I found out about this last year, late August and by then the shows were over but I looked it up this year and Sherry also reminded me as well so I thought, what a nice idea for a little date night.

Well after the food was devoured, the movie started and we couldn’t hear or see a thing, so we fell asleep under the stars, woke up and beat the rush home…

The shows are still going on every Monday till the end of August so be sure to get there before six and bring anything you want to bring…….Enjoy The SHOW!

Making the band x GET UP

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Making His BandMTV Shows

My boy Felix tha cat just hit me up and told me one of their new joints made it on the intro to the new Diddy show “Making his Band.” I guess Diddy is building a rock band now after all of those other bands but the song is hott PEEP IT, LISTEN TO IT and REQUEST THIS ITTTTTTTT!

“If you got a career plus two jobs GET UP!”