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Game night

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Lets see, last Friday the lady was out on a special unexpected trip to Guyana = me alone.

What I did…yea you guess it, game night at Bo and Yo’s place! We started out with pick up sticks, then moved up to Jenga. One of my favorite child hood games growing up and still is today. Plenty of fun, plenty of noise and a lot of yelling when things collapse.

(not to mention people in your face whispering Jengaaaa, Jenggaaaa)


For some reason everyone always starts at the bottom and works their way up making the game very difficult but we counted, at one point we stacked the blocks about 40 levels high!


Here is my beautiful baby girl Mina going to work. She was actually doing pretty good but her touch is still a bit rougher then mine. This is the first time she has been featured in my blog but get use to it. (I actually started this entry just to showcase her)

She is one of my favorite lil flowers on this harsh road we call life. It would be a pure blessing to have a lovely girl like this of my own and plus shes just so dam adorable! I love being a part of her life and I hope she feels the same. Even though the age difference I hope we can both learn a thing or two from each other…

Ok, enough of the lil rugrat, now we are playing Uno and then we ended with one of the most ferocious card games on the planet…..SPOON!

If you don’t know you better ask somebody!


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I started playing tennis this year basically for a work out but Ive always been a competitive person so its actually pretty fun sucking at a sport and trying to get better at it. With everything that I like to do, I want to put my all in it and become really good, even if its just goofing around.

 But here’s a clip from one of my favorite players…

The season is almost over…..

Sunday, September 20th, 2009


Yesterday, Elko Speedway, last week, USAIR race track in Shawano, Wisconsin.

The season for us is almost over…the tire smoke at Elko is a strong scent but the sudden moment it seeps into my nose the feeling rushes back, pedal to the floor, steering wheel cocked to the side and milk storm streaming out the rear!


The gathering of drivers and spectators that I have had the pleasure to meet every event is always a fresh breath of air.


Nackers propose to his lady at the track, our first drift day vehicle lights on fire, the moments that we share through out the season are moments we will remember for times to come.


As Tim slowly follows us through the lens of his camera, he captures all of the moments that we all share. I have one event left and it feels like it will never end but when the time comes and there is snow on the ground, we will all know that building season has come and spring is a long ways away…

From SD with LOVE

Monday, September 7th, 2009

One of my good friends Sherry Fong-vong-va-sa told me a couple weeks ago she will have some SD boys in town. I thought it would be a good chance to make new friends since I love San Diego so much. And plus who ever Sher likes I like!

Saturday night, one of the fellows from SD, DJ Technician, was spinning at the local club out on 1st ave so we had to stop out for some Cali-style madness!


The ladies took good care of them most of the weekend. On the left Ryan and on the right Mike aka Mr. DJ and the lovely ladies aka the fashion police! The music was hot, I love the Cali style mix and its way better then this “play all the hottest bull shit of today” virus we got going on here.


We actually came from a New Congress show over at Bunkers to party party party, drink drink drink, after couple dances here and there, and hours later and it was off to the downtown Marriot hotel on the 31st floor, 2 level suite for some partyin!


Ok, when you think “PARTYin”, you think, girls, alcohol and a lot of naked-ness…well for us, a pepperoni pizza, a mash potato and baked potato pizza from Pizza Luce’ and thats what we call a PARTY! hahah

We scarfed our night away…

With out the multiple falls and busting of the face, the drink spills and the walking around drunk in the streets of Downtown Mpls, it was a very successful night. Hope you boys enjoyed the food, the HUGE work out centers, Nickelodeon studios (where a kid can be a kid) and the HUGE women.

Have a safe trip back to paradise =)

umm yea…

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

This is what you call ALL-STAR BASH!

The Rebirth of DL Spring/Summer 2010…wait for it..

Saturday, September 5th, 2009