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Seeing triple….

Monday, October 12th, 2009


One of the local guys put this picture together and I think its awesome! I have never seen myself or my car like this before and I cant stop thinking to myself how cool it is!

 Thanks dude!


Wednesday, October 7th, 2009


Last Saturday I decided to throw a surprise bday gathering for my lil lady and it actually went almost as planned. SHE WAS SURPRISED!

Its not easy to get everyone together on a busy Saturday night but we got a nice group in and it went great. Off of Lake street and Lake Calhoun, Trygs Rest. had a nice spot for us to gather, mingle and even dance to a lil Marley the cover band was jammin.


Everyone came dress to impress and for some reason everyone was on the same dress code…Black, grey, young, fly and fresh to def!

The food I really didn’t get to try but the presentation was great. There liquor was def. awesome and by the time we made it Downtown to Barfly for token drinks and some dancehall, we were a bit tipsy.


Many old and new friends came through to show support and to surprise the princess. Some times through all your struggles and hard times in the game of life its always good to get all your great friends together to reminisce about all the good things that are also included.


We have a great group here, very diverse in culture and in there own special way but I call them family. Special thanks to all my little brothers that helped out and took care of the guest.

Until next month…I think its about time I throw myself my own party for neglecting my bday almost my whole life…..

The Obama suite

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Last weekend I got the awesome opportunity to head out to the Graves Hotel in downtown Minneapolis to check out the pent house suite.


Lavish living space, Bar, office, grand piano, the best room in the entire hotel, many big names have stayed here but the one that outshines them all President Obama!

When he was here for his first rally, I got a chance to hear him speak and now getting a chance to see the suite that he stayed in the last time he was here is pretty awesome.

I wonder what is the Presidents favorite leisure activity in a place like this?