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What I’m on…classic/timeless

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

My fall/winter look this year consisted of many greys/patterns. I felt a bit grown up this year and this is what i felt good wearing so every time i stepped out the door i wanted a timeless and classic look to follow me.

Yesterday when i flew out the pad my attire strictly consisted of black and few shades of grey:

-Grey “sweater felt” Yankees fitted (picked up in Queens/Jamaican ave.)
-Thin light grey ribbed Express long sleeved sweater
-Grey plaid H&M scarf
-Black Buffalo wool jacket
-Tommy Hilger argyle slip ons

I was snooping through GQ today and spotted a few pics from Milan of a few gentlemen on the streets that had the exact look i am going for, just to show you a few examples of “what I’m on.”



Greys are great and don’t forget to layer up,  you stay classy San Diego! Enjoy.

Pictures are from Photoblogger Tommy Ton over at GQ on the streets of Milan.

Farve is a 40 yr old stud!

Sunday, January 17th, 2010


One of his best seaons yet, this guy has come through and taken our team to where i predicted we will be from the  beginning of the season. Will we advance any further would be up to how much we really want it. Farve has taken us this far and def. he is looking to take us to the final dance. Good luck boys, big shout out goes to Farve but he couldn’t of done it with out his team.

In my eyes one of the best Vikings team ever and we have our best chance…now!

Get Ghost…

Monday, January 4th, 2010