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Food Porn

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Last night was a good night. Also the first time i heard the word food porn more then once. Baby bro is interested in the culinary world and enjoys celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain quite a bit. He thought he would never get a chance to see the guy in person but since he was in town for a sold out show, i decided to pick up tickets early.


Bourdain, known for his bad ass attitude and his decent cooking skills made his way in the cooking world out in NYC. After his first book his career took off in another direction and now hes widely known for his 5 season strong, No Reservations.


Ive never been to the State theater but it was a cool experience. Finally tapping into some of the historic places in the city that i have grown up in all my life. We started the night at the 112 Eatery to see Sara and Nancy who took good care of us. I heard the food was good but it was more then good, it was amazing!

The sweet and sour crab salad was perfect, the lamb sirloin with cherry sauce was cooked very well, all in all this is a must stop shop if you are ever in the area! Chef Isaac holds it down!

After dinner we hit the show for some ravishing stories from Bourdain on his life, travels and other shit that he does and does not care about. What i got from him was that he was a good man, humble, respects tradition and customs but doesn’t take any shit from anyone. Through out all that he’s been through, he still would rather sit at home with his lil daughter on a Saturday morning and watch Yo Gabba Gabba =)


He is very aware of the Vietnamese culture here and says we are lucky to have such a rich food section from them and to enjoy that. He might be a little bias since Vietnam is his favorite destination to play and eat but it was good that he noticed.

After the show we went for late night snacks at Palomino where we saw Andrew Zimmerman, a local who is network buddies with Bourdain show up to say wussup. It was cool being in the presence of the two together knowing that we enjoy them and their shows quite a bit.

Few drinks later, we found ourselves at the W. A bottle of champagne, a few more drinks and 15+ shots  of patron later, my logan brothers and I were singing happy birthday off the balcony up in Prohibition and Yemi decided he wanted to ruin a bachlorette party…the night was good.

Great night and cant wait to do it again.

“Enjoy the times you spend with your friends, you may not know when it will end. “

a legend, in heaven…

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010


As of Monday, legend of the game, Guru losses his battle with cancer. May you rest in peace and all your words, wisdom and respect for the game live on…..

Bboy at heart

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Lifted this from my boy Felix….Ive always been a bboy, just my physically skill to actually become good, wasn’t that good. Always been about footwork and freezes, couldn’t do power moves.

Maybe in a the next lifetime.

Rhymefest x just blaze x bboy anthem

Pleasant surprise

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I was told I was being taken to a special place today….I thought to myself “its not my birthday, i wonder where i am going?”


A few hours later I found myself at the Minnesota Orchestra Hall for a sampling of their series to come in 2011. I have always had an ear for classical music but being where i am from you cant really chase it to far.

My lady took me to check out a few pieces they were showcasing and I fell in love with Davorak. He was a Czech composer from the late 19th century. After a few pieces  from Symphony 7, I will be booking tickets to the series next year.


The music was wonderful and its always a great place to spend your afternoon inside the orchestra hall. We also entered ourselves into a drawing for a full spa package at the Ivy Hotel and guess what…

BOOM! We got a spa package! Good day. Oh what a good day =)

Check the vid!

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Envision Artopia 2010 Spring show.

(something is wrong with my blog.)

Envision Artopia

Friday, April 16th, 2010

This year Ignite has decided to host there spring show at the Graves hotel in downtown Mpls. I have decided many times to attend one of their shows but my busy schedule denied that. Last Saturday I was able to attend Artopia and I brought my boy B with me.

B is starting his own line and has scheduled his release this winter in December. I invited him to join me to check out what fashion week in Mpls. is all about. The venue was great, the crowd was lovely and the atmosphere was on point.


We’ve done a few shows ourselves but none on this level. We Observe and took visual notes It was good to see fashion in Minnesota and the people around it starting to gather and collaborate to produce some good events.

When it comes to runway, I am a big on critiquing the models on the runway. I view the outfits and the styles but if the walk isn’t right….the clothing doesn’t shine like its suppose to…

There were a few girls that were, yea…models but not runway models and you can clearly tell. Two were a bit off on their strut, one girl I actually laughed at, out loud. It was horrible.

From watching a lot of runway shows, Tyra, project runway and Ms. J, I can say I am not an expert but I can tell if you need a bit of work!


We stayed almost the entire time, checking out the art work, outfits in the crowd and had a few drinks. The entire show was a success.

I also met Beecher for a few seconds and I told him to congratulate Allison on a well done show. I don’t really know about the singer during the break but other then that the show was good.


The spring fashion show showcasing 16 Twin Cities Designers & Boutiques and also live art painting by local artists including Jesse Draxler, Garrett Perry, Justin James Sehorn and Chris Park.

My lady fashionistas Davy and Cassie was also able to work the show, lending their hands back stage to make these models fierce on the catwalk!


(and no shes not my cousin)

Shes my sister! As of now… busy back stage but still having the time to stop out for a lil photo before the madness that swarms every fashion show was about to begin.

After the show we took a quick look around Cosmo and ended up on the 1st floor at Bradstreet for a few apps and cocktails to end the night.


A spot Ive always wanted try. Their food was delicious and I finally got the chance to say I tried it. The lamb burger and fries were awesome for a late night snack. A bit different (don’t expect typical burger taste) but satisfying.

All in all the ambiance fit the show really well and I want to give a thumbs up to the show. If you want to catch a glimpse of what MN fashion week is about, I would recommend catching a show sitting besides the catwalk.


Cassie and I after the show, catching a few words. She briefly tried to explain to me the work backstage. I asked her what her favorite outfit was for the night. A few blue moons later and the night soon ended.

My outfit for the night…

H&M pin stripe Blazer
H&M jeans
Claiborne by john bartlett dress shirt
Guess Premium grey stripe tie
Guess watch
G-Star Raw grey seude leather shoes

Highlighted outfit of the show:

Opm boutique

sharp agressive leopard print top
brown leather belt
white pants
pony tail

For more info on event head to:

The silver bullet

Monday, April 5th, 2010


Spring is here and its about time to get some riding in! Just picked up a CBR 600RR and i cant wait to get it out on the hwy! zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom