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Monday, July 12th, 2010

After following the world cup the whole time this year, i have entered a state of fanaticism that i will be in forever…..

Wishing and wanting Brazil to go all the way, my 2nd favorite pick on the other side of the bracket was Spain. To watch Villa, Ramos and the rest of the crew take it for the first time ever was amazing!


We ending the Cup at Brits Pub in DT mpls and ohhh did we finish in style! After the game was won, we only wish we were Spaniards for that hr to feel the height of excitement that one can feel after winning for their country, the biggest sporting event in the world!

Nothing feels better then following a team you enjoy and celebrating it with fans that have the same passion. We were caught on the news and peeps the video on the right!

What a good 2010. If anyone is down i am heading down to Brazil for 2014 world cup, you are more then welcome to join =)