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Studiiyo23 x MMC Jordan photoshoot!

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Igot a chance to connect these two groups for a fabulous photo shoot at Studiiyo23. Peep out the dope footage and the great work done by Marcos! Everything turned out great!

My comic life

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011



I was lucky enough to be approach by a young man that wanted to start a lil comic strip on me last year. Here are a few rough pages from it. Alex Shimkus does a very good job of animating some of the things i have done and keeping them detailed enough to enjoy. Expect some crazy things coming from this guy in the next few years.





 Keep in touch with us for more details and when the release of this comic will come out. In the mean time enjoy some of the illustrations and only imagine how the story will begin and end! Enjoy and Happy New years to all!






Ps, every time i see a dope Red S2000, I always think of Josh M. Risky Devils S2k……







Dennis K. Som – S13 Orange 240sx: Promo from DLTV on Vimeo.