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Inspirations for the future…

Monday, April 15th, 2013


We have plenty of goodies lined up for this year but here is a few photos and videos to keep your mind thinking of what we have in store for the rest 2013!

Ps. I love this typography and design style!



DL Privilege presents Hennessy Cognac

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Thanks to Jesse Gibbs from Seven Sushi in downtown Minneapolis for shedding some light on Hennessy and the Cognac region in France. Be sure to get your tickets today for Studio V.S.O.P presented by DL Privilege, bringing to you an event that you have never experienced before.

Tickets are only granted to the first 50 guest who sign up. Join us April 20th 2013 for a 4 part series event that will bring to you a little taste of some of the finest cognac in the world!

Studio V.S.O.P.

Thursday, April 4th, 2013


DL Privilege presents Studio V.S.O.P. – Minneapolis, MN – April 20th 2013

DL brings to you a series of exclusive events under the title “DL Privilege.”

In this series, DL brings quality and full attention to its guest by capping off the amount of attendees per event. In doing so it shifts focus onto our very loyal guests and treats them with a high level of service.

This event is the beginning to a magnificent collection targeted towards Cognac, a very special Brandy barreled in the Cognac region of France. Such a well known drink to many dark liqour enthusiasts but yet little known of it’s history and origins…

DL brings to you an event which caters towards understanding just a bit about the rich culture, heritage and brand behind such a spirit. Who best to lead us in that direction you might ask, Sir Richard Hennessy, the leading Cognac seller in the world!

First 50 guests to purchase tickets will be granted a chance to join others to an OPEN Cognac bar. Mingle, taste, learn and understand a drink as well as a brand that has been in existence for over 200 years. From European kings to Hollywood celebrities, from generations of traditional family toasts and celebrations, Cognac has been present in our lives for many years.

Come take this one of a kind tour with us as we bring a bit of France to the Twin Cities!

 Dress Code:

GQ for Men
ELLE for Women

$25/open bar
$35/open bar & cigar*

DL is looking forward to welcome this event to guests knowing that this is the first event of its kind in Minneapolis. Slots will fill up fast so make sure you read carefully and purchase your tickets today! Once spots are filled, others will have to wait for the next event to sign up, June 2013.

Sante’ – Cheers

“À votre santé” x