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Pass the Courvoisier!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013


August 22th Thursday at 7pm Sharp

DL Privilege & Mister Hooks presents 3rd installment of Studio V.S.O.P.

**Special invitation**

DL Privilege & Mister Hooks brings to you another installment of Studio V.S.O.P. an exclusive event that takes you into the world of spirits, in this case Cognac.

For our 3rd event we have a very special sponsor on board, Courvoisier has agreed to provide a spokesperson to share their brand, history and cognac with us!

Together we bring to you another cognac event to network, taste and enjoy the heritage of Courvoisier.

Details are simple:

Two Prices:
$15 Open Bar
$25 Open Bar w/Cigar

Dress nice, INVITE friends, and drink all that you like. The night is for your enjoyment… have a cigar why don’t ya?!

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un-VEIL pure excellence…

Monday, August 12th, 2013


Veil Vodka Video Shoot – Mpls. – Periscope

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to be in my first real commercial!

Veil Vodka which is only sold in the East and West coast was looking to do a little commercial to market their assorted flavors of vodka to a diverse, classy, and young clientele. Thanks to Periscope and Scott Elmgren for getting me on board.

I also invited a close gentlemen friend of mine to join me in looking appropriate for the shoot, yup the col himself Mr. Nick Hooks =)




I had one solo shot in the commercial where I was attending a swanky party. I was supposed to be a few drinks down. I approached the kitchen, which the camera was in front and in focus, I come in, put my glass down, picked up the vodka bottle, spin the top off with my hand, pour, lemon wedge it and walk away.


I told my self I would “Jay-Z” it and knock it out in one take and little did I know that I would spin the cap off with a swipe of my hand and killed it in one take. Not only did the cap spin off, it landed on the table right side up and sat right next to the vodka bottle as I placed it down. Perfect shot. Director and creative director went nuts!

End commercial.