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Guate Guate!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


I had a little bit of time so I thought I would update my blog =)

As you can see here, it may be me. It may be ME, taking a selfie. It may be me, taking a GROUP SELFIE! I haven’t done this yet and I’ve held out. I held out for the perfect opportunity and it was today.


Dec. 4th I landed in Guatemala. I was invited by my childhood friend Dennis Le. He has been telling me about his students and his life in Guate and I told him when I had the chance I would fly in. I remember talking to him after he just completed his teaching degree and he told me about this great opportunity to go abroad. With my experience traveling and knowing him very well, I quickly replied “Do it!, if anything, you can always come back.” Well, he did it and 3 years later we are here.

D.Le has brought me up to his students a few times and talked about Drift Line as well as drifting. He has always been a huge supporter and we have been keeping communication through out the years. I told him I would love to meet his kids or even speak to them sometime if there was ever a chance. I always envisioned myself when I was older to be able to mentor, guide or speak to the youth about Life and Passion. Today I got the opportunity to not only speak to the students and my passion in which I turned into a business but also got to take the best group selfie ever!


Guatemala is a very beautiful place. One of the biggest reason why I chose to come down here was not only to see the country but to see the students. To get that feeling of being in front of them, speaking to them or just around the school to see if this may be my path further on in life. It was great to come down to see my friends and how they live in a different country in their profession but I feel as in life you should always do your best to help society. Make your mark, place your investment in our youth. I got a little taste today and it was a good feeling. The faces, the characters that you get to interact with every day is amazing.

Also having the potential or the power to inspire is magical… 

Always try to teach someone to fish, it is always better in the long run. I believe that is what teachers do. They are fisherman trainers =)